27th/28th September 2014: Mercury Enters Scorpio

by Sarah on 25/09/2014




And Pause….


Sarah Varcas

Mercury enters the sign of Scorpio at 10:40 pm GMT on 27th September. As it does so it prepares to turn retrograde on 4th October. At this point in Mercury’s cycle it is effectively grinding to a temporary halt before revisiting events of recent months to tie up loose ends and clear up misunderstandings. I’ll say more about the approaching Mercury retrograde cycle when it begins next month, but between now and then Mercury offers us an opportunity to slow down with it, take our time before speaking or acting, look beneath the surface before jumping to conclusions and generally adopt a more circumspect approach to things. When in Scorpio Mercury reminds us that there is always more than meets the eye, and when it slows down in this sign we need to take time out to dig deeper than usual to uncover important information not previously evident. Given the current support we have from Neptune and the Sun at the moment, this is a timely message, for the more prepared we are to take a moment out before committing to one thing or another, the more likely we are to receive deeper insights into our situation with information that could significantly change the way we view it.

Yes indeed, there is wisdom available to us right now and not your ordinary kind! Here we have an opportunity to see through the eyes of the divine, not simply adopt a different perspective. At this time the heavens invite us to rise above the earthly detail of our existence and perceive in a different way. If we choose to accept the invitation we have a window of opportunity in which we can gain a clearer overview of where we find ourselves now, and the surrounding terrain of our lives. We may well spot things we had not noticed before: dynamics evident which we had missed; people on the periphery of our lives who need a more leading role; places calling to us whose whispered invitations we have as yet ignored. We may discover that what we thought was the answer to a prayer is the biggest obstacle we’ve encountered in a while, or vice versa! This time of insight, albeit fairly brief, can set us up with important information for the path ahead, which will assist us in due course, when decision time arrives.

As Mercury slows further, approaching its retrograde station on 4th October, we would be wise to hold out on staking our claim or position on anything very much, for no matter how sure we feel or how thorough we believe our information to be, there is more to be revealed in the coming weeks and we want to keep our options open to accommodate it when all becomes clear. We are in something of a brief limbo-land right now, which, on the verge of two eclipses in the coming month, is no bad thing for it offers pause for thought and reflection and the humility of admitting that even when we think we know, we don’t, not really, and certainly not enough to be unequivocal about the things that matter at this point.

Coupled with the messages of the Sun and Neptune yesterday this may sound like a contradiction: they exhorted us to stand firm in our inner-knowing and now Mercury comes along and warns us otherwise. But in fact we are simply in a moment of paradox the likes of which occur throughout the universe in every moment. Yes, our inner voice will tell us what we need to know and once we are familiar with its whispered messages we can rely on them faithfully, but at the same time we live in the world of mind which processes information as it arises and comes to conclusions piece by piece. We need to be able to operate in both worlds in order to live this human life fully and with all hands on deck! Right now those aspects of life which need our mind engaged and working away bid us to pause and wait for more information to arise, whilst our spirit will let us know where we need not worry because the path ahead is already clear. Finding our way through such potentially confusing times can be a task and a half in itself, but the simple rule is this: if we’re making a decision based on information and ‘facts’, wait a while. There’s more to come. If we ‘simply know’ the next step and the path ahead looks clear, go right ahead! Discerning the difference is key to effective action at this point, but we can rest assured that whatever we do or don’t undertake in the coming days, Mercury will ensure we have all bases covered while it’s retrograde in October and whilst this may entail some rethinking and a change of course, if we heed its message and do as we’re told we’ll not regret it in the long run!

Sarah Varcas

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