26th/27th July 2014: New Moon in Leo

by Sarah on 24/07/2014




Cosmic Confidence


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is new in Leo at 10:43 pm GMT on 26th July. In the 4th degree of Leo and conjunct Jupiter, this Moon gives us a boost in the form of an opportunity to experience for ourselves the confidence the universe has in us. It may not be something we tend to contemplate – the way the universe feels towards us – and at one level it’s a theoretical construct, the universe being what it is and so immensely vast in comparison to the tiny human brain we have with which to think about it! But when we encounter Leonine energies such as these, they come with a slap on the back that says ‘you’re doing just fine and there is no doubt in the cosmos that you’ll continue to do so!’.

It’s probably about time we allowed ourselves to absorb this feeling of acceptance and confidence. Imagine knowing that whatever life throws at you you’ll deal with it and cope, then thrive and grow from it. Not just intellectually but at every level of your being. If we could know in that way there would be no more need for fear of change, of losing what we love, of being caught out, criticised, rejected. Fear would have no place because we would know that we have everything we need to keep on heading in the right direction no matter what. We would know that no matter how often we felt knocked down we’d be able to get back up and keep going, resilient and focused.

This is how the universe sees us: we are parts of a whole programmed to survive, to thrive and to grow, and right now growing entails expanding and raising our awareness like never before. And because we’re programmed to survive, the cosmos knows we’ve got what it takes to make it happen. Of course, programming to survive is not always expressed in a positive way. Once the ego gets a hold and tells us we have enemies and are under threat survival becomes a competition that we can’t all win. This creates conflict, war and an alarming lack of compassion for anyone other than one’s own. ‘Kill or be killed’ becomes the motto of the day. This is how human beings have lived for millennia, one war after another to establish security and guaranteed existence at the expense of our enemies. This New Moon asks each one of us to look within and locate any parts of ourselves which still operate in this way – creating an ‘other’ out there with whom we have to fight, to whom we must make a point – and to root it out with more determination than we have ever shown. Because the more people that do this now the better we can change the course of events in both our individual and global lives.

When energies are as powerful as they are at this point, polarities always appear. There will be anger, rage, condemnation, blame just as much as compassion, tolerance, empathy and understanding. But we have what it takes right now to see ourselves through the eyes of the cosmos that knows we have what it takes to get through this and implement change in ourselves, our lives, the collective consciousness and throughout the very planet on which we live. This doesn’t mean denying the presence of negativity. Nor does it mean turning a blind eye to others. But it does mean that even as we reach out to those who suffer, who are oppressed or oppressors, riddled with fear or hatred, we can also recognise that in each moment things can and do change. And the more deeply we can change ourselves the more those ripples of change will travel throughout the world, touching pockets of pain here, vibrations of anger there, gradually, bit by bit, bringing things back into balance.

This New Moon is an encouraging one. It knows there is still much to be done and a long road to walk into the fullness of the Aquarian Age, but it also knows that we can walk that road and reach the destination if we really want to. There is no excuse to give up, just as there is no excuse not to change and grow. It’s what we’re programmed to do and the challenge now is to do it in the wisest and most compassionate and courageous way possible.

Happy New Moon everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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