26th December 2014 – 13th January 2015: A Cosmic Dig in the Ribs!

by Sarah on 23/12/2014


 Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Chiron in Pisces, North Node in Libra, Black Sun, 


Awakening the Sleeping Truth


Sarah Varcas

With the Solstice, Chanukah and Christmas behind us now we look towards the turn of the year, accompanied by an alignment between Uranus, Pluto, Chiron and the North Node. These cosmic heavy weights are currently pushing us to fulfil our potential because they know how vital the coming months are in terms of the shifts we can embody if we do our bit. They’re rather like enthusiastic parents on the sidelines shouting their child on and willing them to do their very best, not because they want to feed off the glory, but because they know just how exceptional their child can be when they really apply themselves to the task at hand.

Alongside the opposition between Pluto and the Black Sun this alignment can make for a time of deep experience and powerful insight. The opportunity is offered to see through ourselves, into our darker recesses with eyes of compassionate insight. Time spent reflecting upon our inner world and what makes us tick will not be wasted now. When in the midst of a storm as many people have been in recent weeks, it can be tough to reflect. Sometimes all we can really hope to manage is one breath after another and to get through each hour as best we can. Anything more seems way out of reach! But once the crisis is beginning to pass and we can feel our energy settling we can turn inward and reflect, not in a self-absorbed narcissistic way of ‘it’s all about me!’, but with a mind and heart which seek the deepest truth of the situation and draw it up from the depths of our being for illumination by the light of awareness.

The truths to be revealed in the coming weeks may prove to be something of a surprise. A situation that we thought was beyond recovery turns out to have revealed an aspect of our being we would not otherwise have met, and oh what treasures it now promises to share! Our belief that we simply cannot cope with the challenges ahead, let go of that which is slipping from our grasp or be worthy of the potential we see before us is suddenly experienced as old energy passing through the mind, lighting up familiar feelings like a pinball machine for one last finale, before dissolving into the void. The fear of change or of staying the same, of being alone or in a relationship, of failing or succeeding, all of these will gradually morph into something altogether more creative if we can allow them to take shape within us, speak their message and then let them go to travel on their way. These are not our personal identity, thoughts and feelings belonging only to you or me. They are energies which live in the unified field of becoming, fed by millions before us, our contemporaries and those yet to come, who share the same fears and feelings, hopes and dreams, uncertainties and doubts. Each time we replay these fears in our own minds and hearts, live as if they are true in our own lives, we make them a little more solid, a little more real for everyone. And each time we can see them for what they – the fantasies of a mind which thinks it’s the ‘be all and end all’ and an ego which believes itself to be god – we help break the vice-like grip in which fear, anxiety and doubt imprison the human spirit the world over.

In the coming weeks we can loosen this grip considerably, in our lives and therefore in the collective consciousness too. For every moment that we don’t buy into the ego’s rhetoric that says ‘you’ll never change, life simply sucks and other people are your competitors not collaborators’, an ounce of freedom is born, never to die. A moment of peace and wisdom in the midst of a storm begins to grow the minute it arises and adds its resonance to all those moments of peace and wisdom cultivated by those committed to spiritual growth throughout millennia. We may be tempted to believe the pain is stronger than wisdom because it sure feels that way at times! But in doing so we forget that wisdom, peace and insight are the unchanging force at the heart of all that is. Ultimate truth never changes, it simply exists. For every moment we can realise it and experience it directly we are affirming that yes, this is reality, not that mind-made chaos of thoughts and feelings, frantic searching and desperate avoidance.

This deep knowing – that everything changes eventually, that wisdom can arise out of pain, that separation is an illusion and all things rest in the Divine which rests in all things – this is what stills the mind and feeds the heart, unveils the spirit and nourishes the soul. This deep knowing is arising now, no matter what we have been through. If we stop and wait, reflect and allow, it will touch us with its gentle strength and whisper words of encouragement and comfort. The heavens want so much for us to know directly their wisdom, the mind-blowing order of the cosmos and the profound truths at the heart of existence. They have seen us labour long and hard and remind us that they are always watching and waiting for the right moment to nudge us towards the divine. This is just one such moment and the nudge is more a dig in the ribs they are so insistent! But if we can respond with presence and peace, reflection and readiness to embrace the truth rather than cling to a lie, deep peace awaits us now in which we will know, with neither doubt nor fear, that everything is in its right place and nothing true can ever be destroyed.

Sarah Varcas

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