26th August 2013: A Cosmic Gift Like None Before It

by Sarah on 26/08/2013


The Birth of a New Creation


Sarah Varcas

Today we encounter energies the likes of which we very rarely meet. You can read about the astrology of it here. This is a day of great power, enormous potential and invigorating influences. It takes us beyond anything we have recently experienced into an energy field altogether different. Today the cosmos steps out of its own comfort zone into a place of expansion that even it doesn’t usually occupy! Needless to say this is cause for both excitement and caution. Excitement because we now have at our disposal the experience of an energy completely fresh and new, and caution because we may not yet be entirely qualified to handle such a potent force!

Of course, that said, if we weren’t collectively ready it wouldn’t be here, but at a personal level we need to step up and recognise the responsibility with which this day presents us: the responsibility to take the baton and run the race ahead with renewed faith and vigour, ready to overcome whatever we may encounter in our path. The heavenly configurations today speak of a new creation being birthed. They harken back to 29th July when we were reminded that there is still hard work to be done and depths to be plumbed; that nothing comes to us on a plate unless and until we’ve established the necessary vibration within our own lives, to receive it. At that time there was a risk of disregarding the work needed in our everyday lives to prepare the planet for evolution. We may have been tempted to overlook the value of wisdom gained from going through the metaphorical fire, in favour of quicker and more apparently magical outcomes by side-stepping the harsher face of reality.

Today we have the opportunity to remedy that decision, to look the fire in the face, step into it, naked and willing, to have the old and outdated burned off us, leaving only what is resonant with the new possibilities and potential of this time. Of course, metaphorical fires often manifest as moments of extreme despair, profound shame, rage, grief… whatever form our biggest and deepest challenge takes, there’s a flame in the fire shaped just like it. But surrounding each flame is also a greater one of hope, renewal, faith, potential and, most important of all, love. Not red roses and boxes of chocolate love. Not even unconditional parent/child love. No, this is cosmic love. It’s the love of the universe submerging us within its flames, even as we cry out for mercy, because this love hurts as it heals, burns as it purifies and breaks as it recreates a new. This is the love that says ‘I will force you screaming through the flames because I know how wonderful you’ll feel once you’re out the other side. I know then you won’t be able to thank me enough for this opportunity to begin again, fresh and new. When in fact, you won’t have to thank me at all, because you are me, I am you, and we’re doing this together’.

Today the cosmos speaks of hard love and beauty, grief and reward, rage and peace. It calls upon every opposing force in the universe to come to the centre and merge as one to create a brand new vibration the likes of which has never existed before. Today is truly a day of birth, of creation. If I had to pin-point a day when the biggest and most profound shifts could occur in ourselves, in the world, in our lives, this would be it, no question. But we have to be the ones that shift, the ones that move and regroup in a new formation. Today we have to BE different, not just wait for difference to come upon us as a gift from another realm. We already have the gift, it’s here, all around us in the form of new vibrations, unique energies and powerful forces, but we have to conduct those forces through ourselves, through our spirits, minds and emotions, through our physical bodies, our choices, thoughts and behaviours. If we don’t do that it’s like buying a new battery then keeping it in its packaging on the shelf. ‘Look at my lovely new battery’ we think. Won’t it be wonderful when I use it for something’. Meanwhile the appliances in our home flag and struggle, giving up the ghost as their own batteries can’t keep up with the demands made upon them. But still the new one sits on the shelf, waiting for the day when we finally unpack it and put it to use.

That day is now. We are those struggling appliances running on empty and the cosmos has just delivered a whole new power pack for us to use. But if we don’t plug ourselves in, it might as well not have bothered, to be frank! And next time it may not be so generous…

So whatever today brings to us in our everyday lives, in the world around us, we can rest assured that something incredibly powerful is afoot. Something which can change us beyond recognition if we let it. It won’t happen in the blink of an eye. It takes time to adjust to these new vibrations and possibilities, but if we can dedicate today to opening ourselves up to them, inviting them in and allowing them to penetrate every corner of our psyche, every bit of our spirit, every cell of our body, we will find, in the coming days, something is occurring which we’ve not encountered before. A new kind of peace; a deeper understanding; a greater knowing of truths previously out of grasp. Whatever form these energies come to you and me today, whatever formation of everyday life delivers them to our door, we can rest assured that the purpose is evolution, the motivation is love and the fire, whilst hot as hell, is actually heaven on earth, ready for us to take up our place in the New World, stepping out of the old one and blessing it as we leave.

So please, join me today in welcoming this cosmic shift, this moment of rebirth. It is at its most powerful between 6:15 a.m. and 7:20 p.m. GMT, but space and time being what they are in dimensions other than this one, if you miss the ‘hot-spot’ don’t panic! It’s our intention and willingness to receive that matters and the gifts from the cosmos today aren’t going away at 7:20 this evening! They’re here to stay. The big question is… what are we going to do with them?!

With much love to everyone on this very special day

Sarah Varcas

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