22nd – 26th April 2015: Saturn Quincunx the Sun

by Sarah on 21/04/2015


  Saturn in Sagittarius, Sun in Taurus, deep wisdom, personal truth, ultimate truth, awakening, conscious evolution


Unmapping the Journey


Sarah Varcas

When Saturn and the Sun connect in this way, wisdom is afoot. In this astrological motif we meet those aspects of ourselves which are both as old as time itself and new as the first shoots of Spring. They co-exist in the energetic space we call ‘you’ and ‘me’, in everyone. We all have access to the most ancient of wisdom and the freshest of new perspectives. Discarding one in favour of the other does an injustice to the array of possibilities presented us and in the coming days we are invited to lose ourselves in both ancient wisdom and novel insight, for both have the capacity to lead us home.

In fact anything can lead us home if we let it. That is the ultimate message here. There is nothing in life that stands in the way of our return to Source, nothing at all, no matter how much we perceive life’s twists and turns to be moving us closer to and then further away from a state of grace. Right now Saturn and the Sun remind us that all things conspire to lead us home and have already done so if we would but realise it! But, of course, we often don’t. The hooks of life which penetrate our emotional and mental flesh, dragging us this way and that with their visceral persuasion, seem all too real to be anything other than defining factors on our path into wholeness. It is little wonder that we judge our ‘progress’ accordingly, evaluating our performance against a criteria we often fail to clearly articulate even to ourselves.

This criteria needs to be up for review now. It is timely to reflect on how we assess our ‘spiritual progress’ and why we choose those parameters. Do we think we’re ‘more spiritual’ when we’re calm and happy, less so when we’re seething with rage? Do we seek special gifts and spiritual powers as a reward for ‘spiritual efforts’ made, feeling like failures when we fall short of our own expectations? Do we judge ourselves according to the same criteria we apply to others or are we somehow subjected to a different value scale? In short, how do we evaluate our spiritual life and why? What causes us to feel a sham and a fraud, or special and ‘advanced’? Do we live what we preach and preach through how we live, or is there a reality gap between who we are and what we want to be?

Saturn in Sagittarius poses all of these questions and more, but in its current relationship with the Sun it asks them in the context of the burgeoning new creative phase which will enable us to embrace aspects of ourselves previously left out in the cold. It can be tough to look within, to unveil magical thinking which says ‘if I do this I’ll definitely get that result’, when whatever we do takes place in the midst of a universe so infinitely vast we can’t possibly know how the ripples of any single moment will play out through time and space. We all seek some kind of certainty, but the truth is, if we want to walk the path of spirit there is no certainty that will hold water. Certainty implies an end, a conclusion, an unrelenting state of being and truth which forever remains as it is, no matter what. As much as we may believe such a state exists we simply cannot know until we know. In the meantime we have our part to play in the mysterious unfolding of a cosmos so vast no words can adequately describe its awesome majesty.

As we walk the path ahead we will seek signposts and way-markers. It is human nature to do so. We love our maps which tell us where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re headed! But the maps we’ve been using may not be so accurate anymore. They may lack enough colour or be too uni-dimensional. We may encounter far higher mountains and deeper valleys than the map allows, or discover another path not even marked. Saturn and the Sun remind us now we cannot trust the maps of old nor can we draw an accurate one for the future. All we can do is look at where we are with eyes wide open, taking in all we see within and without. The more deeply we can look in this way and question what we find, the easier it becomes to live without maps and move on regardless, sensing our way, not by judgement and evaluation, but from our very gut which knows all that we need at any point in time.

At this time of nascent new beginnings we have an opportunity to shed old beliefs and models of living which no longer serve the path ahead. They may have been the very best thing since sliced bread up to now, even up to yesterday, but times are changing and we need to change with them. Saturn in Sagittarius holds us to account for our beliefs. It wants wisdom born of experience not belief born of wishful thinking. And it reminds us that wisdom is ever changing as we are and sometimes the wisest thing in the world is to believe nothing and no one – not even ourselves – simply live and then see what occurs. Such is the wisdom of the times: challenging, confronting and shot through with change. Each moment a fresh opportunity to do things differently if we so choose.

Sarah Varcas

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