1st/2nd January 2016: Waning Quarter Moon in Libra

by Sarah on 29/12/2015


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Image: “Seed of Contemplation” by Gary Rosenberg


Drinking from the Well-Spring of Truth


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs at 5:32 a.m. UT on 2nd January in 12th degree of Libra. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is coal miners surfacing from a deep mine, reflecting the penetrating power of this Moon, despite its presence in what is often deemed a ‘peace loving’ sign. Don’t be fooled! Libran energies can just as readily express themselves as conflict and discord as they can work to smooth things over in the interests of peace. The Libran concern with balance at times requires a formidable show of force which challenges the status quo in the interests of justice. This Moon is no exception to that rule! Conjunct Black Moon Lilith she seeks hidden truths which shape future actions. Whilst fading to dark, she nevertheless sheds light upon the shadow side of relationship: the unspoken assumptions, grudges sustained and deceptions perpetuated. She doesn’t augur huge revelations or sudden exposures – that certainly isn’t Libra’s way! – but she does make our own avoidances, denials and misperceptions harder to ignore, that bit more irritating to our surface calm. Something is awakening with this Moon and we’d best take note of what it is!

As with Venus’s journey through Sagittarius, Saturn has its say about this Quarter Moon too. In sextiling her it provides the backbone necessary to face up to her revelations. We don’t need to act on them right now. There’s nothing to be done at this point. Simply acknowledging what’s revealed and the fact that it may be more important than at first appears, signals to the cosmos that we’re ready to walk the path of open and honest relationship in the coming year. Bubbling to the surface now are the sometimes imperceptible fears that keep us trapped in half-truths and white-lies, helped not a little by Mars’s entry into Scorpio tomorrow.

The coming passage of Mercury retrograde (5th – 25th January) provides a valuable opportunity to address issues that need airing, its inherent pragmatism fostering a problem-solving rather than emotional melt-down approach to matters at hand. We all need our heads on straight this month, with a commitment to clear seeing and down to earth decisions, even as we soak up the inspiration of Venus in Sagittarius. There is work to be done behind the scenes, correcting this here, recalibrating there, laying our cards on the table for all to see and being prepared to stand firm in our resolve or adjust it as necessary. There’s no room for egoic defensiveness or forcing others to see life our way. That kind of behaviour is doomed to failure more so now than ever! We simply have to accept that our truth may not match that of another, no matter how deeply we yearn for accord. But beneath every personal truth lies the unchanging field of ultimate reality, the sacred constant that sustains us, no matter who or what we are.

Setting our sights on this ultimate realm reminds us where true security lies: not in worldly acclaim, the eyes of others or the power to shape the world to our design. Our deepest peace is found in the knowledge that no matter what assails us in life, we exist within a unified field of energy that enables peace in each moment, wisdom in the blink of an eye and profound shifts when it seems all hope is lost. In remembering this we find the courage to be honest, the strength to stand firm and the power to change when necessary, knowing that our essence – the only thing truly real – is forever protected and eternally whole.

Just a few seconds of silence, a moment of stillness in the midst of a hectic day, can remind us we’re deep beyond measure with profound wisdom alive at our core. There we have all we need and know all that need be known. This wisdom supports us at this Quarter Moon. It helps us turn towards those irritations and niggles that tell us something is bubbling up that needs our attention, an issue misaligned with the deeper truth of who we are. We don’t have to face it all now, but we can acknowledge that something has been roused, preparing to emerge into the light of undeniable truth when the time is right.

A gentle but penetrating Quarter Moon, she reminds us that every deception and sleight of hand dishonours the eternal truth that forever pours forth from the heart of Sacred Source. In doing so she prepares us for the year ahead and ensures our place beside the well-spring of the everlasting Divine.

Sarah Varcas

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