1st – 5th February 2016: Asteroid Juno, Venus and the Sun Align

by Sarah on 27/01/2016


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Radical Truth


Sarah Varcas

Forming a small triangle in the heavens, Asteroid Juno, Venus and the Sun align to remind us that the key to harmonious living is found in the willingness to be both deeply intimate and radically alone; to be invested in outcomes whilst detached enough not to fracture when they don’t match our hopes. To take up the gauntlet and live life with purpose whilst honouring the greater force that shapes all things beyond our personal desires. This alignment, whilst small and relatively brief, illuminates the importance of flexibility and the need to reshape ourselves at times, to match the prevalent current in our life, rather than force it to match our own.

Juno in Scorpio is passionately committed to alliances and relationships which foster intimacy. Squared by the Sun in Aquarius, it is challenged to let go a bit more than may feel comfortable, to allow others the freedom to be who they must be above and beyond who and what they are to us. This aspect may reflect some passive aggression, withholding of affection in the guise of ‘just giving you space, darling: I thought that’s what you wanted…?!’. There may be unspoken feelings in the air, denied but obvious, influencing interactions with those we hold most dear. Venus suggests, in the midst of such dynamics, that we simply deal with whatever’s going on, get things out into the open and then move on. ‘What’s the big deal?’, she wonders. ‘Why complicate things?’.

And yet complicate things we do. It’s a human skill! We over-think, strategise, analyse, avoid, deny, force and manipulate. All to avoid the discomfort of life in the raw, an adventure not a plan, a free dance not a choreographed display. It is often in relationships that we encounter this side of ourselves the most. As we see our interests become ever deeper entwined with those of another, we may come face to face with doubt and suspicion, power games, everyday deceptions and those things we do to engineer our own way without it looking like we are! At the same time we may find ourselves subject to such influences from others who see their own interests receding in favour of ours.

With an eclipse season beginning later this month, heralding two eclipses in March, any such dynamics present now are likely to strengthen and be harder to ignore in the coming weeks. So if we sense them now, best address them too, get things out into the open: hopes and fears, loves and hates, anger, joy, disappointment, satisfaction and plans for the future. We may be reluctant to do so, fearing the consequences of such candid exposure, but this alignment reminds us that the truth will out anyway, somehow, somewhere. It always does eventually, rising to the surface like a bubble seeking the light. Eclipse seasons often speed up the process of such revelations, but if we get on board first we can be ahead of that game and ready to call upon its energies to propel us into greater alignment, not force our hand against our will!

The willingness to be both deeply intimate and radically alone is an alchemising force in our lives. It allows even the most challenging truths to be uttered on a steady breath, rooted in the wisdom of authenticity, not dependence upon the ‘white lies’ of everyday life to keep us secure. When we know others as ourselves whilst also knowing ourselves as someone who can go it alone when necessary, there is nothing more to fear. It may seem a long way off, this freedom, hidden behind walls of insecurity or fear, but the heavens whisper now that it may just be so very close we can feel its breath upon our cheek, its fingers in our hair. How would it be to speak the truth, the whole truth? To voice those things we have most feared to say?

It is time to ask ourselves this, to reflect upon where and why the truth is most needed in our lives, and to consider, without guile, whether we’re ready to make speaking it our priority, wherever it may lead.

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Sarah Varcas

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