19th August 2013: Moon in Aquarius

by Sarah on 19/08/2013


Cosmic Ripples


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is now in Aquarius, preparing to meet its Blue Moon degree at 1:46 a.m. 21st August (GMT). These are the final preparations for this unusual Full Moon which augurs a purging of things we must no longer allow to define us. As we approach this highly charged moment the heavens speak of the responsibilities we carry, being unique individuals in a world where we must find some way of living and working together as one.

No one can live in a vacuum. No matter how separated we may appear to be from the ‘outside world’ we breathe the same air, occupy the same planet and look up at the same stars. There is no separation and a key challenge of this time is to recognise exactly that and make or renew our commitment to live accordingly. Every action, every word, every breath triggers a ripple effect throughout the cosmos. If we could see these ripples perhaps we would be more mindful of those we send out. If we could observe the radiation of energy from a sharp word spoken out of anger as it pervades the personal space of everyone around, or the energy from an act of kindness doing the same, perhaps it would be a lot easier to be conscious of the ripple-effect we create with our speech and actions.

But few of us have such obvious visual cues and instead must stay alert to the fact that even the tiniest and most inconsequential action has consequences which stretch way beyond our own lives. It is those consequences we are asked to contemplate today, for at this time when a great deal of past pain and old energy is emerging to be healed and cleared, we may find ourselves somewhat overcome with emotions, thoughts and sensations which mitigate against the kind of mindfulness it takes to remain conscious of these things. In the midst of emotion it can be hard to remain centred and present, just as an over-active mind dreaming up the next likely catastrophe is a difficult one to train.

All too often we are reacting to life, not living it. And our reactions come from a place inside us which is anything but in touch with the present moment! This is how we perpetuate the past, by reliving it, interpreting the present in accordance with it, reacting as if we’re still back there in it and sending out a ripple-effect which says ‘nothing has changed, especially not me or my life’. Eventually, after doing the rounds, those ripples return to us again, beginning yet another cycle of the same old dramas, traumas and challenges which seem to have come at us from out of the blue but in fact have their roots in our previous decisions, behaviours and interpretations of life.

Today we have an opportunity to create fresh ripples carrying a new message into our immediate environment and beyond. It will take awareness and a commitment to the present moment, not allowing ourselves to be seduced back into the familiar past with all its cosy ‘issues’. It also takes courage, to tell a different story about ourselves, to approach life with an open mind and see it through fresh eyes. But the more of us that can do that today, the deeper the healing available from the coming Blue Moon for everyone, because every hook to the past which is released now adds that particular ripple-effect into the collective. Every moment we can be in the present and not the past is one more moment of freedom in a world where so many are bound by so much. And gradually that critical mass of freedom builds and builds, added to moment by moment as each and every one of us does what we can to begin again and embrace life as it is now, not as it was back then when we were a different person living in a different way.

Here’s wishing you (and me) a day of freedom ripples!

Sarah Varcas

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