16th October: The Eclipse Approaches

by Sarah on 16/10/2013


Stronger Than We Think


Sarah Varcas

As the lunar eclipse approaches there exists a growing sense of unpredictability in the air and we need to stay alert to the shifting elements and undulating ground beneath our feet. Certainties melt at times like this, leaving us with questions lacking answers and expectations unfulfilled. What we thought we knew often looks altogether changed in the obscured light of an on-coming eclipse and this one is certainly no exception to that!

Today a Grand Trine in Water heightens our emotions and sensitivities, but we are reminded by Neptune and Mars to strive for balance and respond with compassion for ourselves and each other, alongside a concerted effort to work through those emotions and stay moving, not forever spinning in a circle of distress and dis-ease. Compassion is not self-pity, they remind us, and we are not victims, no matter how much it may seem that way. Whatever we may be feeling now is part of something bigger, a mere corner of a larger tapestry whose beauty we can only ever grasp when we can step far enough out of our corner to view the infinite terrain all around, resplendent with potential and possibility.

In light of the current energies, the heavens reassure us that we are stronger than we think. The twists and turns of life that feel like a body-blow from which we cannot recover will be as nothing once we’ve moved our way through into what lies beyond. The eclipse time is always a cauldron bubbling over with feelings and thoughts, fears and anxieties, hopes and dreams. Potential may be eclipsed by the fear of failure, or peace and balance by sudden unwelcome change, but what lasts through all of this is the constant movement of the heavens which reminds us that nothing lasts forever and no situation is fixed for all time. Good or bad, welcome or not, everything is just passing through, as are we. To react to anything as if this is not the case is misunderstanding the fundamental nature of existence which dissolves in every moment to be reborn anew in the next.

The coming eclipse will ask us to decide what we really want in our life and how we intend to get it. In answering that question we may have to face some harsh truths about the cost of fulfilling our dreams or facing our limitations. As we approach the eclipse time (midnight 18th/19th October GMT) we have an opportunity to open our minds and hearts to what those answers may be, in a spirit of willingness to recognise truths thus far hidden or whispered only in the recesses of our minds where no one else can hear. Come the eclipse the tracks of progress may shift as they always do at such a moment, and we may find ourselves facing a different direction to the one we anticipated. If so, we can rest assured that the new orientation will be a more authentic one stripped of another layer of avoidance, denial or hubris which has kept us from living our true nature and held us bound within a false self which seeks only to protect its own existence.

May we all feel the deepest compassion for ourselves and each other as we navigate our way through these times of challenge and change.

Sarah Varcas

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