15th April 2014: Lunar Eclipse in Libra

by Sarah on 13/04/2014




Sarah Varcas


This total lunar eclipse occurs in the 26th degree of Libra at 7:47 a.m. GMT. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is an eagle and a white dove turning one into the other. We see here a theme of shape-shifting, reflected also in the darkness cast by a total eclipse at a time when the Moon is at her brightest. We, too, must learn to shape-shift, to remain fluid in all things such that we do not limit ourselves by definition and identity, expectation and dictate. An eclipse in Libra always moves us towards balance, but we may struggle to maintain it if we won’t allow ourselves to shift and change as the moment requires.

With asteroid Ceres conjunct the Moon and Juno conjunct the Sun, we are welcomed into an alliance of enormous power in which we can both compromise so deeply that we can lose our very self and stand up so strongly for our own desires that we lose everyone else in the process. Neither extreme sounds particularly helpful, but without access to extremes we can never know the gradations inbetween, the very stepping stones on our quest for a more authentic and inspired life. We need to be the eagle and the dove in equal measure: fearsome and powerful, peaceful and gentle. And then we can mix it up a little: can we be fearsome and peaceful? Powerful and gentle? Can we have the sharpest talons and the softest feathers? The keenest eyes and the kindest heart? For one who shape-shifts there are no barriers or boundaries. Every possibility is available and openness to these possibilities is highlighted now.

Habits of thought, feeling and behaviour run so very deep that we can struggle to recognise when we are on automatic pilot, believing ourselves to be acting from ‘common sense’ or making decisions which are completely obvious and in no need of scrutiny. Mercury conjunct Uranus at the time of this eclipse reminds us to question, take a different view, see things from a new perspective. Try a bit of shape-shifting and see what happens. We are approaching a new beginning at the Cardinal Cross in a few days’ time. This eclipse provides the opportunity for that beginning to be one of truly fresh perspectives and new behaviours, not just a rehash of the same tired old self we’ve always been.

If this eclipse in the 26th degree of Libra hits a planet in your chart, look to that planet to decide what of its expression needs to change. What assumptions do you make about that aspect of your life? What are your habitual thoughts and feelings in that area? And if it doesn’t, or you don’t know if it does or not, no worries! Ask yourself this: where am I digging my heels in right now? Where are my views entrenched, my priorities rigid. Where am I holding myself and others to ransom?!

As prevailing energies mount towards the Cardinal Cross followed by the solar eclipse, we are on notice that change is necessary and not just a little bit! If we resist it now we will find ourselves calcified later when we could be reaping the rewards of a fresh perspective and new beginnings. Yes it is true that change, especially too much of it, can be overwhelming and many of us have had what feels like too much of it already! But if there’s more, there’s more, and there’s not much we can do about that except embrace it and be prepared to shape-shift accordingly! And of course, you don’t need me to tell you that if we’re prepared to shape-shift first, we can be the change before it even happens, rather than playing catch-up later.

Which is basically what this eclipse is all about: an opportunity to lead the way into the new, not finally be dragged, kicking and screaming, by events beyond our control.

Sarah Varcas

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