14th – 21st October 2015: Mars in Virgo Trines Pluto in Capricorn

by Sarah on 13/10/2015


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Image: “Comfort and guidance” by Gary Rosenberg


Wisdom through Time and Space


Sarah Varcas

This harmonious alliance between two planetary heavyweights provides a reassuring backdrop to any disruptive energies rippling through our lives. As Uranus and Chiron facilitate deep healing, Mars and Pluto assure us we have so much cosmic support on our side we cannot possibly lose our way, no matter how tricky things may be. Life’s intensity has increased for many in recent months and will continue thus for a while. The ‘fall out’ from September, the most powerful month of the year, continues to ripple through our lives. It may be tempting to simply wait ‘until things calm down and get back to normal’, before we take stock and move ahead, but the old normal is gone and we must live with the new one now. One in which change happens at lightning speed one day and a snail’s pace the next; in which beliefs that have stood the test of time become surprisingly irrelevant and familiar habits can no longer resist the force of change that propels us into a new age, even as we cling unflinchingly to the old one.

It can be hard work, bridging the borders between the old and new. Our passage doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye or by some magical energetic shift, but by the commitment, effort and integrity of those who see the value of our conscious evolution and refuse to give up on its worth, no matter how tough its demands. Releasing the past can feel like having our heart ripped out at times. It is a viscerally challenging and profoundly unsettling experience when we’re invested energetically in the very thing we must let go. But without such deeply penetrating change the new age wouldn’t be new, it would be more of the old, repackaged and given a different name: old attitudes invested in new things instead of an entirely clean slate upon which to write our collective future.

Mars and Pluto assure us there is endless support all around, even if we cannot see it. They encourage us to call upon it when in need of reassurance and courage, hope and healing: the energy of our ancestors, the wisdom of our collective history, our past and future selves in other realms. The web of life is so infinitely complex there’s simply no end to where and how we can call up support. Want to know you’ll be courageous enough to face that challenge coming up in a month’s time? Send courage to your future self now. Connect across time and space to the you that already lives your future. Make friends with them, chat as you would to a long time companion you know so well. Allow the apparent barrier of our linear world to dissolve and join hands with your future self, affirming the courageous, wise and powerful being they (which is you!) are.

Or perhaps it’s time to look to the past for sustenance in the present. Call upon your ancestors. Invite their spirits into your life. Ask for their guidance, to share their wisdom, to offer their love and protection in these challenging times. Find out the challenges they faced and how they coped with trauma and change. And remember, we, too, are ancestors of future beings, nurturing our wisdom to be called upon by generations to come.

There is so much support everywhere. We can draw upon and offer it, equally wise and in need of wisdom as life shifts and changes each day. We are not just little beings living isolated lives but sparks of vast cosmic consciousness expanding through time and space. We are never without the love and support of our ancestors or the wisdom of our multi-dimensional selves, for this is our divine inheritance, a legacy available to all who seek its grace. Mars and Pluto remind us life at the dawn of a new age takes courage and commitment, born of embracing the infinite wisdom and boundless love found forever by our side.

Sarah Varcas

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