27th April 2021 – Full Supermoon in 8th degree of Scorpio

by Sarah on 19/04/2021


Image: ‘The Commute’ – Iraj Nouri (used with permission)


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Sarah Varcas


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This supermoon is full in Scorpio at 3:33 a.m. on 27th April 2021. It sits opposite the rest of the planets, in a position known as a ‘tension ruler’. This is a strongly influential moon whose energies must be integrated into our every cell. We can no longer politely look away from whatever irks or alarms us, ignoring the elephant in the room. It is time to see it all, to acknowledge it all. To accept with an emboldened heart the truths of this age. But, for the avoidance of doubt, we are way beyond palatable truths that warm the cockles of the heart! At this moon we find ourselves in the realm of catastrophic truth which blows all but the Real to pieces. Everything within and without is tested in its ability to withstand this upswell of awareness.

No quick fixes

Feelings may run high at this time, tempers flare and anxieties bubble to the surface, no longer content with being ignored. The Taurean sun’s determination to see the world in black and white is challenged by this penetrating Scorpio moon which relishes the complexities of life. Add into the mix a Sun / Uranus conjunction and we have a supermoon with the power to trigger intense emotion that disrupts the status quo when we least expect it.

The truths of Scorpio are not those of a quick fix or a magical solution. They place us in a timeline of becoming where each moment is entwined with what has gone before, stretching back to the moment of our birth and beyond. We are a melting pot of cosmic energy, karmic forces, genetic heritage and ancestral influences. Even the very blood pulsing through our veins is on loan from life itself, as we untangle the web of energy that is our inheritance, weaving from it all a thing of beauty as we go.

Eclipse season on the horizon

An eclipse season beginning on 13th May 2021 will provide fresh opportunities to accelerate a change of direction. Life on the brink of an eclipse season challenges every body, psyche and spirit not yet in synch with the incoming energy to catch up quick! As such, this supermoon will illuminate those places within and without where recalibration is needed to prepare for our next wave of change and growth. Commitments made to honour deep truth whatever it takes, will be cemented with profound staying power now. We need to ground the energy of this moon, embody it, breathe it in and become it, allowing it to occupy our every cell.

The approaching eclipses are in Gemini and Sagittarius, illuminating the realms of communication, relationship, ideas, beliefs and perception. We may well emerge from this season with a very different perspective to when it began!  To help us ride the waves of these upcoming changes, this supermoon provides an opportunity to cleanse our emotional body and bring ourselves back into balance. We may not feel very balanced while we’re doing it though! Sometimes we must know the extremes to find the still point in their midst, and this moon may well reveal some significant trigger points along the way. But stay strong, for we are all held by this moon, as much as we are challenged by it.

We cannot hide from truth

Be warned, however! A Scorpio Moon will suffer no fools! No spiritual platitude or glib philosophical strapline can survive its penetrating gaze. There are fewer and fewer places to hide from truth these days. Increasing layers of denial, defensiveness and delusion are being stripped away, leaving the raw truth exposed in all its sometimes shocking, sometimes inspiring, glory. We must do more than simply believe or identify with a particular outlook or understanding. We must live it every moment of every day. Express our devotion to it, test it out on the cliff face of life which throws obstacles and hurdles in our path.

It’s easy to be ‘spiritual’ when the going’s good. Anyone can do that! But staying strong in wisdom when all around is falling apart, when profound loss knocks upon our door or deep disappointment becomes our companion: that’s when our true colours shine through, bold and resplendent or waning and pale. The first blossoms of awakening may tell us all is sorted and we’ll be peaceful evermore, but it’s only when life gets involved that we discover the infinite heights and profound depths of the soul.

Eris and Ceres to the rescue!

Eris is conjunct asteroid Ceres at the time of this moon – the goddess of discord hand in hand with the goddess of the harvest. This striking motif speaks of the rewards of standing firm and being prepared to rock the boat when necessary; that social conditioning to be nice and polite and go along with the crowd may be the very shackles that bind us to a life half lived. Just as the on-going Saturn / Uranus square affirms, a world that cannot make space for differences of opinion and controversial truths has already fallen. And with Mercury turning retrograde in Gemini next month, it’s time to reflect on how far we silence ourselves or other people to avoid the fallout of provocative discord and debate.

There are exciting times ahead. And challenging ones. In the coming months we’ll discover how fully our beliefs align with emerging truths and how deeply we can honour them, however iconoclastic they prove to be. The world is boiling in a pressure cooker of global change, amidst a battle for the future of humanity. This is a time of immense potential for awakening to truth and embodying its quickening power. But these truths are as inconvenient as they come – naked truth, primal truth, brazen, audacious and wild.

Embrace them all boldly, then embrace them some more. They will set your spirit free.

Sarah Varcas


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