Why Have An Astrology Reading?


 What is astrology and why have a reading


What is astrology and why have a reading from me?

The term astrology refers to the practice of interpreting planetary motion and other astronomical phenomena with reference to the cycles and experiences of life on earth. It is the study of order within the universe and recognises that information about our character, life experience, personal and collective development and destiny is encoded within celestial motion. As such, it acknowledges the unity at the heart of the cosmos expressed in the statement ‘as above, so below’. As your astrologer I will translate that information into accessible concepts uniquely pertinent to your life, by reading your birth chart.

Everything is made of energy which vibrates at different rates, producing the many states of being from physical material to ethereal light. Astrology recognises that all living beings are fuelled by energy that pours into us from outside and flows out of us from within. This continuous cycle of energetic exchange is the very essence of life. How these energies meet and merge defines how we express our life-force here on earth and the experiences – both inner and outer – that we encounter. Astrology enables us to map these energy flows and the experiences born of them, so we can understand them within the greater developmental arc of our life. This helps us know ourselves more deeply, live with greater awareness, make better choices and act with greater intentionality.

What is a birth chart?

A birth chart (also called a natal chart) is basically a map of the heavens at the time and place of someone’s birth. It shows the position of the planets and other astronomical and astrological phenomena. It can be understood as a circuit diagram depicting how we conduct the universal energies constantly at play around us. As we take our first breath, independent of our mother and completely vulnerable, we’re imprinted by the energetic resonance and vibration of that moment, reflected in the positions of the planets. These energies then fulfil their potential within us as we live our life. Put another way, we are the physical manifestation of the energy pattern featured in our birth chart. It’s our circuitry, so to speak. The energies that shape the cosmos – the creative source of all life – crystallise into these forms called you and me, continuing to express themselves through us during the course of our life.

A birth chart features a range of planets and luminaries, asteroids, planetoids, points and positions in time and space, each of which adds its own nuance to our understanding of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual make-up. To have identical birth charts two people must be born at the exact same time in the exact same place. Otherwise, every single chart is unique, including those of twins. This is why astrology can be a source of highly accurate and nuanced information about an individual and the path and pattern of their life, illuminating blessings and challenges, choice-points, pit-falls and the best way to fulfil potential in all areas of life.

How will you benefit from an astrology reading?

A birth chart reading reveals how you experience yourself, other people and the world around you, unconscious thoughts and feelings which shape you and the many ways you can fulfil otherwise latent potential. It provides insight into your psyche and spirit, the developmental arc of your life, the ways you can facilitate or hinder your own progress and how you can work with the energies which shape your life for the most positive effect. It illuminates strengths and weaknesses, obstacles you must face and those you can best avoid, how and where you can find peace, happiness and fulfilment and why you may make the same mistakes or repeatedly encounter the same old challenges.

A reading from me will provide you with insight, direction and tools to live a more conscious and fulfilling life. Depending upon the type of reading chosen, it may focus on the dynamics and potential of a specific period of time or upon the intricacies and depths of your psyche and spirit. It can help clarify matters as diverse as what career path to choose, the type of partner to seek or how best to bring unconscious factors into consciousness. It can also help you work through loss, trauma, disappointment and unexpected events, and capitalise on positive progress, blessings, strengths and achievements.

I will not be predicting your future, as if you have no part to play in what happens next! Nor will I be telling you what to do as if I know better than you! Instead I will interpret your chart to reveal the forces at work in your life, the choices they present, the ways in which you can best work with them and the pitfalls to watch out for to avoid unnecessary troubles and stress. When read in this way a birth chart becomes a source of immense wisdom which speaks directly to you in a personal and nuanced way that will enhance the quality of your life, your self-knowledge and your ability to make empowering and informed choices.

Who will most benefit from working with me?

My particular interest is in the application of astrology to the process of psychological and spiritual development. If you’re currently dealing with difficult emotions, seeking deeper insight into your psychological and spiritual life and/or in the middle of a time of upheaval and change we’re likely to be a good match. But please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to explore my suitability further before making a decision about a reading.

If you’re looking for concrete predictions about your future, want only to be ‘reassured’ and not challenged or think astrology is something people do at parties for a bit of fun, I’m not the astrologer for you!


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