Week Beginning 15th July 2013: Uranus Retrograde

by Sarah on 14/07/2013


An Inner Voyage for Outer Change


Sarah Varcas

This coming week is one of great significance as the Grand Trine in Water that’s been building for the past month and a half reaches exactitude mid-week (16th/17th) just as Uranus begins a five month retrograde journey back through Aries. I shall be writing more about the Grand Trine tomorrow, but today I want to draw attention to the coming six week period which promises to be a time of deeper anchoring for the energies of the new Aquarian Age.

As we all know, Uranus is currently in a lengthy square dance with Pluto, bringing about upheaval and change on a grand scale both personally and globally. There are peaks and troughs in their action but essentially, from 2012 through 2015, we’re in a profound time of shift during which any aspect of our life which no longer reflects or honours who we are, is being right royally sorted whether we like it or not. This to free up a vast energy source for the burgeoning new age. We are that energy source. It comes from inside us, out of the dark corners of our psyche where we have previously dared not look; it flows from the thoughts and emotions we have denied for so long, once they’re brought into the light of consciousness and finally embraced; it travels through us each time we act according to our inner voice and not the dictates and dogma of the external world. Uranus and Pluto are merely connecting us back into this energy circuit so we can conduct it more readily, now and in the future.

With that in mind, this turn about of Uranus at the time of the Grand Trine in Water is of particular significance. As the ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus is ruler of our new age and is eager to get on with the job, not being prone to patience and all…However, as always when relying on human beings to play their part, it eventually has to wait up and let the rest of us catch up! Which is exactly what we’re going to be doing for the final half of this year, eased along with some considerable force in the coming six weeks. I say force but I mean encouragement, of course… it’s just that it’ll be the somewhat unremitting ‘won’t take no for an answer’ kind so characteristic of our friend Uranus.

When retrograde, Uranus pushes us back into ourselves, not to hide from and avoid the outside world, but to encounter and interact with our internal one. It reminds us that what we find ‘out there’ usually has its roots within us and until we can uncover those roots and do what needs to be done with them, we will forever experience ourselves as victims of life rather than its creators. Uranus is always eager to cut us loose and free, wanting only that we act with complete integrity in each moment of our lives, not once sacrificing authenticity in favour of acceptance and approval. But this is a tall order and one that we may struggle with on a daily basis for all kinds of reasons. Not least because we may be well aware that some or even many of our impulses are significantly problematic in the light of everyday life. Much as we may want to slap someone for being so ignorant/irritating/obstructive or just downright rude, doing so as an act of authenticity is probably not the best use of Uranian power…!

So as Uranus takes us on an inner voyage of discovery, it is precisely these issues that it begins to raise, asking us to contemplate how to do and be the lightening power of Uranus without striking dead all and everyone who crosses our path! It’s so vital we get to grips with this now. Emotions and feelings have been gaining strength and power of late as the Grand Trine in Water brings deep healing to this area of our lives, but in doing so it brings to our attention many of our less ‘acceptable’ aspects, those bits of us that we really DO NOT want to have to admit to, let alone deal with! Tough! We have to deal with them and now’s the time. We have to face the part of us that feels superior to others, smug in its rightness; the part of us that feels such deep anger it could kill; the bit of us that harbours unpleasant secrets we share with no one, ever. We have to face the fact that there are all kinds of impulses that live within us which forever remind us of just how ‘unacceptable’ we could be if we really let rip!

But in cahoots with Pluto, Uranus loves all these bits and particularly enjoys prodding and poking at them until we can’t ignore them a moment longer. Suddenly they’re right there: the anger and the jealousy, those judgemental thoughts and behaviours, violent impulses towards ourselves and others, addictions, obsessions… you know, all those things we don’t like to talk about, especially when we’re being ‘spiritual’! Well… Uranus wants us to talk about them, to own up, starting with owning up to ourselves. It wants us to know that this is part of being human and the shame which keeps these things hidden and denied is one of the most insidiously destructive forces in the universe. This shame has no place in our lives anymore. There is no room for it in the Aquarian Age. It’s a thing of the past and we need to ensure we leave it where it belongs.

Which is why, as the cosmos is so good to us, it has arranged not one but two Full Moons in Aquarius in the coming six weeks (22nd July and 21st August GMT). The advent of an astrological Blue Moon (the 2nd of two Full Moons in the same astrological sign) always augurs a powerful time in which we can bring into full consciousness aspects of ourselves and our lives which no longer serve our highest good. And with Uranus ruling these Moons we are presented, now, a wonderful opportunity to really dig deep at the first Full Moon in order to get all those creeping roots free at the second. Of course, as always, I’ll be writing more about this nearer the time, but I wanted to give you a heads-up now so you know what’s on the horizon.

This is a challenging road ahead, a powerful one. It has many peaks and troughs as it winds onwards into our future. We are walking it together, each with our own load that we need to shed as we go. My issues may be different to yours but they’re issues none the less and the more we can each accept the other for what we are, in all our flawed humanity, the better able we will be to recognise and respond to the bright potential that lives at the heart of each one of us.

With love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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