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30th August – 22nd September 2016: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo & Jupiter enters Libra

by Sarah 26 August 2016

      Our Sacred Duty By Sarah Varcas   Just as Mercury is about to enter the conciliatory world of Libra it’s brought up short by its retrograde station in the final degree of Virgo, reminding us there are still details we need to be clear on, facts requiring review and focused effort necessary […]

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6th – 12th November 2015: Chiron Trines the Sun

by Sarah 3 November 2015

      From Broken to Whole By Sarah Varcas   Ah… the touch of sweet healing and deep compassion, showering down from the heavens. Who wants some? There’s enough for all and then some: an endless source of nurturance and encouragement, sustenance and strength. These forces of restoration and renewal are forever present, but […]

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14th – 21st October 2015: Mars in Virgo Trines Pluto in Capricorn

by Sarah 13 October 2015

  Image: “Comfort and guidance” by Gary Rosenberg   Wisdom through Time and Space By Sarah Varcas   This harmonious alliance between two planetary heavyweights provides a reassuring backdrop to any disruptive energies rippling through our lives. As Uranus and Chiron facilitate deep healing, Mars and Pluto assure us we have so much cosmic support on […]

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26th April – 1st May 2015: A Reminder from Chiron, Venus & Mars

by Sarah 21 April 2015

       Be the Space By Sarah Varcas   In the wake of the Quarter Moon the cosmos speaks further about creation and our role in the process of inner and outer change. Thus continues our preparation for the next phase. A triangle formed by Chiron, Venus and Mars reflects the need for both […]

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4th April 2015: Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra

by Sarah 1 April 2015

  Do Nothing But Listen By Sarah Varcas   The eclipse occurs in totality just after midday GMT in 15th degree of Libra. As partner to the solar eclipse on 20th March which called time on paths not chosen, this lunar eclipse requests expressed commitment to our goals in this new creative cycle. Alongside this […]

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12th/13th February 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah 11 February 2015

  The Fingerprint of Truth By Sarah Varcas   This Quarter Moon takes us into the world of feeling where we sacrifice reason in favour of a deeper ‘felt sense’ of life and its meaning. There is nothing to be understood at this point. We can let go our need to know, to gather ordered […]

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29th – 31st January 2015: Mercury Retrograde Conjunct the Sun

by Sarah 28 January 2015

  Image: “Under Her Star” by Gary Rosenberg   Dancing Ourselves Still By Sarah Varcas   Mercury’s alliance with the Sun brings us inspiration but we must quiet our internal dialogue to hear it. Often we are simply too loud on the inside to recognise the sweet stirring of spirit, the whispers of the sacred […]

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23rd November – 24th June 2015: Chiron Direct

by Sarah 19 November 2014

      Everyday Healing by Sarah Varcas   Chiron turns direct in Pisces after five months retrograde just a few days after Neptune does the same. These two forces of healing speak now of the profound need for deep restitution and realignment on planet Earth, and Chiron’s shift at this point serves to further highlight […]

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