Venus in Virgo

12th – 16th September 2014: Venus trine Pluto

by Sarah 11 September 2014

       The Beauty of Rebirth by Sarah Varcas   Venus and Pluto align in a supportive way now, prior to the completion of Pluto’s current retrograde passage later this month. These two planets carry very different energy signatures. Pluto’s is forceful, potentially destructive, deeply creative. It strips away every last ounce of dross […]

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4th September 2014: Mercury in Libra, Venus in Virgo

by Sarah 28 August 2014

   Image: Gary Rosenberg   Creating Common Ground by Sarah Varcas   Mercury, the planet of communication, is now settled in Libra until 27th September, having assisted us with tying up loose ends in Virgo. In the sign of balance ruled by Venus, Mercury seeks agreement and accord between people. Its passage through Libra offers a […]

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25th July 2013: Messages from Venus

by Sarah 25 July 2013

  Descending to Evolve by Sarah Varcas   Venus is now creating a Kite formation out of the Grand Trine in Water we’ve been so engrossed with in recent weeks. Actually, engrossed is a good word for a Grand Trine, especially a water one: its energies flow so readily we can easily become absorbed by […]

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July 2013: Astro-Energy Overview

by Sarah 29 June 2013

  July 2013: Time to Grow Up & Move On! by Sarah Varcas   This month we are challenged to resolve early life issues in order to embrace our present and redesign our future to new specifications. The planetary focus is not on specific spectres from our childhood that haunt us per se, but upon […]

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