Spiritual Materialism

12th/13th January 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Libra

by Sarah 7 January 2015

  Image: “Contemplating Transformation” by Gary Rosenberg   Adjusting to our Humanity By Sarah Varcas   At a waning Quarter Moon we encounter the final stage of adjustment before retreating into the stillness of the dark Moon when the seeds of the next lunar cycle are nurtured. Although often overlooked, Quarter Moons are crucial to […]

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2nd September 2013: A Month of Realignment Has Begun

by Sarah 2 September 2013

  A Test of Integrity by Sarah Varcas   Throughout the coming week Mars, Saturn and Neptune ask to what extent do we live according to our insight, wisdom and fundamental beliefs? In other words, how far does our exterior life reflect our inner life and vice versa? These are vital questions for this time, […]

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January to June 2013: Spiritual materialism in the spotlight

by Sarah 15 February 2013

January to June 2013: Spiritual Materialism in the Spotlight by Sarah Varcas   Throughout the first six months of 2013 Mars remains close to the Sun, sharing the same sign much of the time. This alliance between our unifying force (Sun) and our personal motivation (Mars) alerts us to the importance of careful reflection on […]

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