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23rd September – 23rd October 2015: Sun in Libra

by Sarah 22 September 2015

      Honouring Our Energetic Intimacy By Sarah Varcas   As the Sun enters Libra, a conjunction to the North Node highlights the importance of the month to come. This Sun seeks connection and intimacy, preferring the compromise of unity over the isolation of individualism. The North Node affirms this choice, anchoring roots in […]

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14th August 2015: New Moon in Leo

by Sarah 11 August 2015

  Image: “Fire Lion” by Gary Rosenberg   Being Our Best Self By Sarah Varcas   The moon is new in the 22nd degree of Leo at 2:55 pm GMT and highlights the challenge of living with purpose even in our most solitary moments. Her darkness reminds us that who we are when no one […]

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3rd – 11th August 2015: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn Align

by Sarah 29 July 2015

      The First Step of a Thousand Miles By Sarah Varcas   Forming a triangle which confronts our inner peace with outer challenge, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn remind us now that how we feel and not what we do is the most powerful indicator of personal and spiritual fulfilment. The smallest action emanating […]

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22nd / 23rd July – 23rd August 2015: Sun in Leo

by Sarah 20 July 2015

  Image: Berto Voigt   Here Comes the Sun! (and I say… it’s alright) By Sarah Varcas   As the Sun shifts from gentle and reclusive Cancer into confident, boisterous Leo – followed hot on its heels by Mercury – we can all come out of our shells a bit if we want to! As […]

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20th July – 18th August 2015: Jupiter Squaring Saturn

by Sarah 14 July 2015

    Acting in Alignment By Sarah Varcas   Jupiter in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio as each prepare to leave their respective signs. With Saturn running on cautionary common sense and Jupiter on confident inspiration, they’re not natural bed fellows. Together they trigger opposing impulses, making for a restless time during which energy is […]

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1st / 2nd July 2015: Full Moon in Capricorn

by Sarah 29 June 2015

      A Capricornian Conundrum By Sarah Varcas   The Moon is full at 2:21 am on 2nd July GMT in the 10th degree of Capricorn. Whilst a Full Moon in Capricorn is pragmatic and down to earth, tolerating little – if any – ‘emotional nonsense’, this one breaks the mould, allowing space for […]

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3rd/4th February 2015: Full Moon in Leo

by Sarah 3 February 2015

  All Aboard the Evolution Express! By Sarah Varcas   The Moon is full in the 15th degree of Leo at 11:10 pm on 3rd February GMT. This is a supportive Moon which provides the opportunity to put the results of previous efforts to good use in current ones. Think of it as re-investing interest […]

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26th/27th January 2014: Waxing Quarter Moon in Taurus

by Sarah 21 January 2015

  Image: “Constructing a View” by Gary Rosenberg   Old Habits Die Hard By Sarah Varcas   The Quarter Moon occurs at 4:50 am GMT on 27th January in the 7th degree of Taurus. Against the backdrop of Mercury retrograde this Moon invites us to consider areas of our experience that we tend to gloss […]

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22nd/23rd September – 22nd/23rd October 2014: Sun in Libra

by Sarah 18 September 2014

      Love and Other Reasons by Sarah Varcas   The Sun enters Libra at 2:30 am GMT on 23rd September. In doing so it shifts its radiance from the Virgoan realm of service to the Libran world of relationship. But with Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, still in Virgo as it does so, we […]

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12th – 16th September 2014: Venus trine Pluto

by Sarah 11 September 2014

       The Beauty of Rebirth by Sarah Varcas   Venus and Pluto align in a supportive way now, prior to the completion of Pluto’s current retrograde passage later this month. These two planets carry very different energy signatures. Pluto’s is forceful, potentially destructive, deeply creative. It strips away every last ounce of dross […]

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