Mystic Rectangle

7th – 8th September 2013: A Grand Square with an interesting challenge..

by Sarah 7 September 2013

  Patience and the Bigger Picture by Sarah Varcas   This weekend the heavens speak of patience whilst warning that it may be in short supply. There exists a headstrong and impulsive feel with a passing Cardinal Grand Square on Saturday (from 8 a.m. GMT to just after midnight) which may cause us to act […]

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29th August 2013: Inner Alchemy

by Sarah 29 August 2013

  Becoming the View by Sarah Varcas   Between now and the month end we have an opportunity to experience some inner alchemy. Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto join forces to remind us that as within so without, and if we want to make the most of the new energies bedding themselves in around us […]

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26th August: Not a Grand Sextile But I’m Still Excited!

by Sarah 24 August 2013

  Powerful Cosmic Alignments by Sarah Varcas   Monday 26th August (GMT) is a big day astrologically – by far one of the most powerful days we’ve experienced in a very long time. My posts for 23rd and 24th-25th August give some information about preparation for it and, of course I’ll be posting more on […]

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