Mars in Taurus

20th April – 21st May 2015: Sun in Taurus

by Sarah 15 April 2015

      The Quiet Art of Waiting By Sarah Varcas   A couple of days after the New Moon the Sun enters Taurus, the first earth sign. Continuing the theme of patient waiting, the Sun’s journey through the sign of the Bull provides an opportunity to connect deeply with Mother Earth, to find ourselves within […]

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April 2015 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 1 April 2015

  Keeping It Real By Sarah Varcas   This month’s astrology has the feel of Fresher’s Week at university, when arriving students are oriented to their new life. Choices abound and the air is heavy with potential and possibility. Excitement is everywhere, fuelled by a new-found freedom alongside anxiety, homesickness and sometimes a hefty dose […]

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31st March / 1st April – 11th/12th May 2015: Mars in Taurus

by Sarah 25 March 2015

  Patience is a Super Power! By Sarah Varcas   When Venus entered Taurus two weeks ago she highlighted the importance of earthing our energy and honouring our physicality. As Mars joins her in this earthiest of signs we discover why her message was so important. We cannot manifest on the physical plane without our consciousness […]

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16th September 2013: Saturn conjunct North Node

by Sarah 16 September 2013

   Accepting the Law by Sarah Varcas   We begin the new week with Saturn now conjunct the North Node, the Sun somewhat cast aside from its cosmic colleagues and Mars being relieved of some of the pressure to which it’s been subject in the past few days. Overall this gives a feeling of stepping […]

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30th May: On the Brink of an Energy Shift

by Sarah 30 May 2013

  Will You Take the Plunge? by Sarah Varcas   Today we find ourselves on the brink of an energy shift, and for many of us it will be a welcome one. The month of June introduces a fresh and rejuvenating vibration, which begins to build tomorrow, so if you’re feeling at the end of […]

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11th May: Planetary Messages from Taurus and Gemini

by Sarah 11 May 2013

    Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong? by Sarah Varcas   Today the Moon and Mercury join forces in Taurus, with Mars trying to play ‘catch up’. All this Taurean energy around at the moment is helping us stay grounded in the midst of this eclipse season when so much is being stirred within us. […]

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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: 25th/26th April 2013

by Sarah 19 April 2013

  Messages of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 7:58 p.m. 25th April GMT by Sarah Varcas   The first Lunar Eclipse of 2013 occurs on 25th/26th April, so hang onto your hats and hold your horses, because some interesting times are ahead! The impact of a Lunar eclipse is more often felt internally, at the level of […]

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