22nd / 23rd July – 23rd August 2015: Sun in Leo

by Sarah 20 July 2015

  Image: Berto Voigt   Here Comes the Sun! (and I say… it’s alright) By Sarah Varcas   As the Sun shifts from gentle and reclusive Cancer into confident, boisterous Leo – followed hot on its heels by Mercury – we can all come out of our shells a bit if we want to! As […]

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23rd – 30th June 2015: The Sun Squaring the Moon’s Nodes

by Sarah 16 June 2015

      Discerning the Path of the Soul By Sarah Varcas   The Sun begins to square the Moon’s nodes a couple of days after entering Cancer. This combination of air (North Node in Libra) and water (Sun in Cancer) provides plenty of ideas that stir the emotions and feelings that trigger the imagination, […]

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21st June 2013: Sun enters Cancer

by Sarah 21 June 2013

  The Power of Imaginative Action by Sarah Varcas   At 05:05 GMT today the Sun entered Cancer marking the Solstice: mid-summer in the northern hemisphere and mid-winter in the southern. This shift signals the beginning of a month during which we may well find ourselves full of imaginings, feelings and intuitions but somewhat lacking […]

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