Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius May 2013

11th October 2013: Venus revisits the May lunar eclipse degree

by Sarah 11 October 2013

  The Creativity of Change by Sarah Varcas   Today, at around midday GMT, Venus crosses the degree of the lunar eclipse which occurred on the 24th/25th May. At that time I spoke of the need to balance opposites, to overcome polarisation and to recognise where our lives are out of balance. The asteroid Pallas […]

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25th May 2013: Post-Eclipse Messages

by Sarah 25 May 2013

  Living a Multicoloured Life by Sarah Varcas   In the wake of the Lunar Eclipse and Super Moon the heavens urge us to avoid polarisation and find a point of balance both within ourselves and between ourselves and other people. There are powerful energies around today and we’re likely to experience them as emotions […]

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24th May 2013: Mercury/Venus Conjunction

by Sarah 24 May 2013

   Communication Is Key by Sarah Varcas   Today a conjunction between Mercury and Venus in Gemini encourages us to reach out to others and communicate rather than assuming we each know what’s going on in the other’s mind and heart. It’s all too easy to believe that our perception of a situation is the […]

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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: 25th May 2013 (4:11 a.m. GMT)

by Sarah 23 May 2013

  Inner Balance Outer Peace by Sarah Varcas   Throughout the course of this eclipse season (18th April to 26th May) the asteroid Pallas Athene (the Goddess of Wisdom and Warrior Queen) has been on my mind. She showed up at the lunar eclipse in April conjunct Venus, was then conjunct the Moon at the […]

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21st May: Intense for a Reason!

by Sarah 21 May 2013

  Great Challenge, Greater Potential by Sarah Varcas   ‘When is this all going to end?!’. Now there’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately! With so many potentially disruptive energies around us at the moment, there’s little surprise that it’s on many peoples’ lips, demanding a satisfactory answer. It’s a funny old job, […]

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