27th May – 10th July 2015: Jupiter Trine Uranus

by Sarah 25 May 2015

  Image: “Coalescing Fire” Gary Rosenberg   Creative Expansion By Sarah Varcas   This relationship between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo enhances creative potential in the coming weeks. The great awakener (Uranus) in alliance with the great expander (Jupiter) promises mind-expanding insight and heart-opening experience if we allow ourselves to be consumed by […]

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23rd to 26th December 2013: Black Moon Lilith here for Christmas!

by Sarah 23 December 2013

  Image: ‘Breath of Dawn’ by Rassouli   Gift of the Black Moon by Sarah Varcas   Black Moon Lilith has come for Christmas! We don’t often hear about her, but she’s been increasingly demanding my attention this year, speaking loud and clear about her role in the year to come and the inner power […]

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