Jupiter in Gemini

26th June: Jupiter enters Cancer

by Sarah 26 June 2013

  Releasing Emotional Anchors by Sarah Varcas   Today Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer and Jupiter enters that same sign after a year in Gemini. You can read all about Mercury Retrograde throughout 2013 in my free report which you can download here. But right now I want to give Jupiter the attention it deserves […]

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25th June: Moon in Aquarius

by Sarah 25 June 2013

  For Searchers Everywhere… by Sarah Varcas   The Moon is now in Aquarius for a couple of days and the search is on. ‘Search for what?’, I hear you ask. Good question! Be sure to let me know when you find it. Because that’s pretty much how it is at the moment….we know we’re […]

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20th June 2013: Jupiter’s Finale in Gemini

by Sarah 20 June 2013

  On Your Marks, Get Set….. by Sarah Varcas   Today there’s an ‘edge’ to the heavens, a bit like a starting block at the beginning of a race: something we can brace against to propel ourselves forward with more force when the time comes. It may come in the form of an opportunity we […]

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11th June 2013: Saturn Trine Neptune

by Sarah 11 June 2013

  Faith Not Fear by Sarah Varcas   At present Saturn and Neptune join forces to assist us in realising our dreams. And we’re not talking little dreams here, we’re talking great big life changing ones! However, in doing so they remind us that it’s often the smallest things, the tiny nuances in a situation, […]

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28th May: Geminian Energies Abound

by Sarah 28 May 2013

  Showing the Mind Who’s Boss! by Sarah Varcas   Today we have a choice, between forging the same old mental paths in our head, ‘doing’ life according to our habitual patterns of thought and feeling, or adopting a fresh stance and trying out a new approach. There are creative energies around which we can […]

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12th May: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Gemini

by Sarah 12 May 2013

    Love Is Letting Go by Sarah Varcas   Today Jupiter and the Moon join hands in Gemini, expanding our horizons and providing us with a much needed confidence boost. The confidence of Gemini is not about power and durability, but about the ability to shake things off and move on when necessary. It’s […]

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11th May: Planetary Messages from Taurus and Gemini

by Sarah 11 May 2013

    Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong? by Sarah Varcas   Today the Moon and Mercury join forces in Taurus, with Mars trying to play ‘catch up’. All this Taurean energy around at the moment is helping us stay grounded in the midst of this eclipse season when so much is being stirred within us. […]

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Jupiter completes its journey through Gemini: 30th January 2013 to 26th June 2013

by Sarah 25 January 2013

     Jupiter turns direct on 30th January 2013   It’s time to be out of our minds! By Sarah Varcas   On 30th January Jupiter turns direct, having spent the past four months providing us an opportunity to get to know our minds better and review how much power we allow them to hold […]

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