Jupiter in Cancer

12th September 2013: Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

by Sarah 12 September 2013

  Keys to Creation by Sarah Varcas   Today we encounter a waxing Quarter Moon in Sagittarius (5:09 p.m. GMT). In the run up to this we have a Grand Trine in fire above us, firing up our enthusiasm and giving us courage to face the challenges of our day. It’s worth remembering, though, that […]

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5th September 2013: New Moon in Virgo

by Sarah 4 September 2013

  In Need or At Peace by Sarah Varcas   Today’s New Moon in Virgo sits at the apex of a Kite formed with Jupiter, Saturn/North Node and Chiron. In this position she reminds us just how insignificant new beginnings can seem in the face of the vast potential which lies at the heart of […]

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12th August 2013: Back to that Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T Square again…

by Sarah 12 August 2013

  Diving in Hot Water by Sarah Varcas   At the beginning of August I spoke about the Jupiter/ Uranus/ Pluto T Square which forms a backdrop throughout this month, helping us connect with our own power in the face of conditions which threaten to weaken and discourage us. Bringing to mind that old saying […]

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1st August 2013: Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T Square for the month…

by Sarah 1 August 2013

  Doing the Cosmic Laundry by Sarah Varcas   Welcome to August! Throughout this month Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto team up to form a T Square, which means Uranus remains a focal point of attention for several weeks to come. With Uranus in this position we are all under pressure as the birth of the […]

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26th June: Jupiter enters Cancer

by Sarah 26 June 2013

  Releasing Emotional Anchors by Sarah Varcas   Today Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer and Jupiter enters that same sign after a year in Gemini. You can read all about Mercury Retrograde throughout 2013 in my free report which you can download here. But right now I want to give Jupiter the attention it deserves […]

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11th June 2013: Saturn Trine Neptune

by Sarah 11 June 2013

  Faith Not Fear by Sarah Varcas   At present Saturn and Neptune join forces to assist us in realising our dreams. And we’re not talking little dreams here, we’re talking great big life changing ones! However, in doing so they remind us that it’s often the smallest things, the tiny nuances in a situation, […]

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