Grand Trine in Water

13th July: Mars enters Cancer

by Sarah 13 July 2013

  Floating Not Drowning by Sarah Varcas   Today Mars enters Cancer until the end of August, joining the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter there. In these watery realms he feels somewhat out of place, unable to make his mark in the way he would wish. Imagine trying to run through waist-deep water and you’ll get […]

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12th July 2013: Moon in Virgo

by Sarah 12 July 2013

  Truths Beyond Words by Sarah Varcas   The Moon is now in Virgo and today she forms a Kite with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. In doing so she brings into focus the healing capacity of the Grand Trine in water which becomes exact next week. Despite this water energy all around us we may […]

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9th July: Moon in Leo

by Sarah 9 July 2013

  Putting the Past to Bed by Sarah Varcas   Today the Moon enters Leo lifting us from the watery realms of the Cancer New Moon and firing up our energy somewhat. Given that we’re currently under the influence of two Grand Trines in Water this is not a bad thing! All this water everywhere […]

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4th July 2013: Moon in Gemini

by Sarah 4 July 2013

  Image: Maria Notarangelo   Keep Calm and Carry On Healing by Sarah Varcas   Today the Moon enters the air sign Gemini for a couple of days, offering support to Mars who’s labouring there alone at the moment, trying to keep all the mental balls in the air! It’s quite a task he’s got, […]

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July 2013: Astro-Energy Overview

by Sarah 29 June 2013

  July 2013: Time to Grow Up & Move On! by Sarah Varcas   This month we are challenged to resolve early life issues in order to embrace our present and redesign our future to new specifications. The planetary focus is not on specific spectres from our childhood that haunt us per se, but upon […]

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28th June 2013: Grand Trines and T Squares

by Sarah 28 June 2013

  WAKE UP!! by Sarah Varcas   Today we begin a lengthy encounter with two very different energies occupying the same cosmic space: a Grand Trine in Water and a Cardinal T Square. Neither are exact by degree but both are easily influential enough to make their mark upon us. I had to smile when […]

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19th June: Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah 19 June 2013

  Tending Our Cosmic Garden by Sarah Varcas   The Moon has now entered Scorpio where she’ll remain for a couple of days. In doing so she joins a Grand Trine formed by Saturn, Neptune and the current Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. This holds particular significance for us because it hails the final few days […]

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5th June: Moon in Taurus

by Sarah 5 June 2013

  Image: Visions of Angels by Brian Varcas     The Offer of a Steadying Hand by Sarah Varcas   Today’s Taurus Moon helps us further ground the new energies that have been flooding in since the end of May. This is particularly good timing due to the current potential for distraction. That said, if […]

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June 2013: Astro-Energy Overview

by Sarah 1 June 2013

    June 2013: Water, Water Everywhere… by Sarah Varcas   All dates refer to GMT Throughout the month of June we’re blessed by the presence of Grand Trines in Water signifying emotional sensitivity, a further awakening of intuitive faculties and an opportunity to draw upon our innate creativity in the pursuit of a more […]

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31st May: A Grand Trine in Water Begins

by Sarah 31 May 2013

  Water Healing by Sarah Varcas   Yesterday I spoke about the coming shift in energy and today the shift begins, with a Grand Trine in Water forming, the Moon now in Pisces conjunct Neptune, and Mercury moving into Cancer. The formation of this Grand Trine heralds the beginning of several weeks during which we […]

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