Grand Trine in Fire

4th – 8th October 2014 and beyond: Grand Trine in Fire and Pluto square Venus

by Sarah 1 October 2014

      Personal Becoming by Sarah Varcas   As we approach the lunar eclipse on 8th October we encounter a variety of paradoxical energies swirling around. Which we resonate most with will be a personal thing and we may well find that even people close to us are having very different experiences to us. […]

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October 2014 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 30 September 2014

      Patient Compassion   and   Compassionate Patience by Sarah Varcas   We begin October with Uranus and Chiron highlighting the need to find new ways to both accommodate and heal woundedness at the personal and collective levels. They have been working together on this issue since June, simultaneously exposing where we are […]

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23rd November 2013: Fire!!!

by Sarah 23 November 2013

  Flames of  Truth by Sarah Varcas   The fire element is strong today, making its presence felt. With the Sun now in Sagittarius, the Moon in Leo at the apex of a yod, and the Sun and Moon creating a grand trine in fire with Uranus, if we need a boost of courage, energy and […]

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12th September 2013: Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

by Sarah 12 September 2013

  Keys to Creation by Sarah Varcas   Today we encounter a waxing Quarter Moon in Sagittarius (5:09 p.m. GMT). In the run up to this we have a Grand Trine in fire above us, firing up our enthusiasm and giving us courage to face the challenges of our day. It’s worth remembering, though, that […]

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