Grand Trine in Earth

26th August 2013: A Cosmic Gift Like None Before It

by Sarah 26 August 2013

  The Birth of a New Creation by Sarah Varcas   Today we encounter energies the likes of which we very rarely meet. You can read about the astrology of it here. This is a day of great power, enormous potential and invigorating influences. It takes us beyond anything we have recently experienced into an […]

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26th August: Not a Grand Sextile But I’m Still Excited!

by Sarah 24 August 2013

  Powerful Cosmic Alignments by Sarah Varcas   Monday 26th August (GMT) is a big day astrologically – by far one of the most powerful days we’ve experienced in a very long time. My posts for 23rd and 24th-25th August give some information about preparation for it and, of course I’ll be posting more on […]

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29th July 2013: Almost a Grand Sextile…. but not quite!

by Sarah 28 July 2013

  Strawberries a la Pluto by Sarah Varcas   Today the heavens almost form a beautiful configuration known as a Grand Sextile. But please, note the ‘almost’, because it’s the operative word here. There has been much talk of this configuration in recent weeks and it has been hailed, on occasion, as an indicator of […]

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16th July 2013: Grand Trine in Water

by Sarah 16 July 2013

  Gentle Babble or Mighty Roar by Sarah Varcas   Over the next three days the Grand Trine in Water, building since the end of May, reaches exactitude. In doing so it brings to us a deeper experience of the force of healing at the heart of the universe. This is not personal healing, although […]

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