going with the flow

28th / 29th January – 14th April 2016: Asteroid Ceres in Pisces

by Sarah 25 January 2016

      Divine Timing By Sarah Varcas   Asteroid Ceres enters Pisces at 6:40 p.m. UT on 28th January 2016. Ceres, goddess of grain, brings us nourishment and protection. She feeds our body, mind and spirit, nurturing us to become our fullest, most authentic selves. She honours the cycles of life: the dark barrenness […]

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21st August 2013: Undercurrents of the Blue Moon

by Sarah 21 August 2013

  It’s Not a Great White, It’s the Great Light! by Sarah Varcas   In the remaining undercurrents of the Blue Moon we may find ourselves being drawn inexorably in a direction we don’t recognise at a speed we’re not comfortable with. The charts for today reminded me of that scene often replicated in films […]

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