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12th November 2015 – 9th May 2017: North Node in Virgo

by Sarah 9 November 2015

    Heaven on Earth By Sarah Varcas   The North Node’s presence in Virgo signals the need to ground ourselves above all else. To reconnect with the earth element from which we are formed, embracing our body as a gift from the divine, our planet as our Mother and the material world not as […]

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April 2015 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 1 April 2015

      Keeping It Real By Sarah Varcas   This month’s astrology has the feel of Fresher’s Week at university, when arriving students are oriented to their new life. Choices abound and the air is heavy with potential and possibility. Excitement is everywhere, fuelled by a new-found freedom alongside anxiety, homesickness and sometimes a […]

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12th/13th January 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Libra

by Sarah 7 January 2015

  Image: “Contemplating Transformation” by Gary Rosenberg   Adjusting to our Humanity By Sarah Varcas   At a waning Quarter Moon we encounter the final stage of adjustment before retreating into the stillness of the dark Moon when the seeds of the next lunar cycle are nurtured. Although often overlooked, Quarter Moons are crucial to […]

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