18th September 2015 – 20th December 2017: Saturn in Sagittarius

by Sarah 15 September 2015

    The Crucible of Manifestation By Sarah Varcas Many will celebrate Saturn’s final departure from Scorpio. It’s been tough going. The combination of Saturn’s insistence that we assume responsibility for our lives and Scorpio’s demand that we embrace even the darkest and most difficult aspects of the self has necessitated facing up to some […]

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19th – 24th September 2014: Mars square Neptune

by Sarah 18 September 2014

      Flat Battery Alert! by Sarah Varcas   This square between Mars and Neptune lays the groundwork for the coming New Moon. When these planets align in this way we may find ourselves doubtful where once we were sure, insecure where we previously felt fine. The buoyancy of Mars in Sagittarius takes something of […]

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