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July 2018 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 30 June 2018

      Truth Found in Darkness By Sarah Varcas All dates are UT so may vary in your time zone   July is a month of deep inner movement which, like a quake far below the earth’s crust, may well shake foundations, but is less likely to bring the structures of our lives crashing […]

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21st September 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Centre

by Sarah 15 September 2015

      Luminescent Darkness By Sarah Varcas   The Quarter Moon occurs at 9 a.m. UT in the 29th degree of Sagittarius. It assures us support from multi-dimensional energies which forever act upon, within and through us. Often unaware of their presence, we remain blind to their potential until the veils thin and we […]

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24th June 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Libra

by Sarah 21 June 2015

  Image: Astara Lak’ech   Embracing the Mysterious Familiar By Sarah Varcas   The Quarter Moon occurs at 11:04 a.m. GMT in the 3rd degree of Libra. This Moon tests our commitment to a new way of relating. Coupled with Mars’s entry into Cancer and Chiron’s retrograde station her message carries particular weight. With the Moon in […]

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24th – 30th November 2014: Sun Square Neptune

by Sarah 19 November 2014

    The Wisdom of Confusion by Sarah Varcas   As the Sun and Neptune square each other we are invited to embrace a state of not knowing as readily as we would embrace clarity, to welcome confusion as fully as incontrovertible fact, for it is within the shadows of the unknown that we can […]

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