dark night of the soul

24th October 2013: Stellium Building in Scorpio

by Sarah Varcas 24 October 2013

  Image: Josephine Wall   Revisiting Our Roots by Sarah Varcas   With the Sun now in Scorpio, joining Mercury, Saturn and the North Node, focus is building towards a Stellium (a group of planets within the space of 9 degrees) which begins to take effect on 28th. And with Mercury now having left the […]

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11th July 2013: Truth in the Darkness

by Sarah Varcas 11 July 2013

  The Truth of a Single Candle by Sarah Varcas   Today the heavens speak to us of truth: our own personal variety and the ultimate kind. They remind us that whilst they’re both significant, we need to know which is which and be prepared to let the former go in favour of the latter […]

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