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6th/7th August 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Taurus

by Sarah 5 August 2015

  Image: ‘A State of Balance’ Gary Rosenberg   Stop! Listen……. By Sarah Varcas   The Quarter Moon occurs at 2:04 am GMT on 7th August in 15th degree of Taurus. As she fades towards her darkest time, she speaks of that which endures the darkness, which can watch and wait with unseeing eyes until […]

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3rd – 11th August 2015: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn Align

by Sarah 29 July 2015

      The First Step of a Thousand Miles By Sarah Varcas   Forming a triangle which confronts our inner peace with outer challenge, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn remind us now that how we feel and not what we do is the most powerful indicator of personal and spiritual fulfilment. The smallest action emanating […]

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31st July 2015: Full Moon in Aquarius

by Sarah 29 July 2015

       Fertile Chaos By Sarah Varcas   The Moon is full at 10:44 am GMT in the 8th degree of Aquarius and is one to shake us awake, whether we like it or not! There exists a brutal honesty about her, coupled with a deep and abiding commitment to truth no matter what. […]

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22nd / 23rd July – 23rd August 2015: Sun in Leo

by Sarah 20 July 2015

  Image: Berto Voigt   Here Comes the Sun! (and I say… it’s alright) By Sarah Varcas   As the Sun shifts from gentle and reclusive Cancer into confident, boisterous Leo – followed hot on its heels by Mercury – we can all come out of our shells a bit if we want to! As […]

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18th / 19th – 31st July 2015: Venus in Virgo

by Sarah 14 July 2015

  Image: “Echo Chamber” by Gary Rosenberg   The Creation Game By Sarah Varcas   Venus enters Virgo at 10:39 pm GMT on 18th July. In preparation for her retrograde journey (beginning on 25th July) she’s moving slowly, remaining in Virgo’s first degree before returning to Leo. When a planet lingers in a degree before […]

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8th / 9th July 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Aries

by Sarah 7 July 2015

  Image: “Contemplation” by Iraj Nouri   A ‘Me-Time’ Moon By Sarah Varcas   The quarter moon occurs at 8:25 p.m. GMT in the 17th degree of Aries. A waning quarter moon sits between the brightness of a full moon and the darkness of a new one. At this point we are in half shadow, […]

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1st / 2nd July 2015: Full Moon in Capricorn

by Sarah 29 June 2015

      A Capricornian Conundrum By Sarah Varcas   The Moon is full at 2:21 am on 2nd July GMT in the 10th degree of Capricorn. Whilst a Full Moon in Capricorn is pragmatic and down to earth, tolerating little – if any – ‘emotional nonsense’, this one breaks the mould, allowing space for […]

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21st / 22nd June – 22nd / 23rd July 2015: Sun in Cancer

by Sarah 16 June 2015

  Image: “Reaching Out” by Gary Rosenberg   Divine Intervention Every Day By Sarah Varcas   The Sun enters Cancer at 4:39 pm GMT on 21st June, aligning with both the Moon in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio as it does so, setting the tone for the coming month. This alignment is expansive, enhancing the […]

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25th/26th May 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Virgo

by Sarah 19 May 2015

  Image: Iraj Nouri   Waiting on the Shore By Sarah Varcas   The Quarter Moon occurs at 5:20 pm GMT on 25th May in the 5th degree of Virgo. She sits at the apex of a T Square formed with the Sun and Saturn, making her sensitive and somewhat highly-strung. In one of her […]

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26th April – 1st May 2015: A Reminder from Chiron, Venus & Mars

by Sarah 21 April 2015

       Be the Space By Sarah Varcas   In the wake of the Quarter Moon the cosmos speaks further about creation and our role in the process of inner and outer change. Thus continues our preparation for the next phase. A triangle formed by Chiron, Venus and Mars reflects the need for both […]

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