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17th – 21st January 2015: Venus opposition Jupiter

by Sarah 14 January 2015

      Both Ego and Essence By Sarah Varcas   Whilst an opposition often indicates conflict, it always contains the potential for peace and this one is no exception. Jupiter in Leo embraces ego and encourages it to shine. Here we can begin to recognise the value of a healthy ego identity which enables […]

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2nd – 7th December 2014: A Heavenly Shield

by Sarah 26 November 2014

  Image: “Born of Magick and the Lotus” by Gary Rosenberg   Playing Around Our Wounds by Sarah Varcas   We face a heavenly paradox at present, which could go in any direction depending on how we manage the prevailing energies. The Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Uranus and Pluto form what is known as a shield […]

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