Chiron Retrograde in Pisces

27th June – 1st December 2016: Chiron Retrograde in Pisces

by Sarah 7 October 2016

      Reflections on Healing and Wholeness By Sarah Varcas   In the presence of Chiron we encounter the issue of healing. When retrograde, Chiron asks what it means to us, what we foresee when we contemplate personal healing and how we view those aspects of our self we consider in need of ‘repair’. […]

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16th September 2016: Lunar Eclipse in 25th degree of Pisces 6:55 p.m. UT

by Sarah 14 September 2016

      Wise Emotion By Sarah Varcas   Conjunct retrograde Chiron and forming a T Square to Mars in Sagittarius, this is an emotionally energised eclipse with a cathartic edge. Whilst some emotional catharses can clear the air in the long run, others may complicate an already difficult situation and we must stay present to […]

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11th November 2013: Mercury Direct Once More

by Sarah 11 November 2013

  Mercury as Friend or Foe by Sarah Varcas   Yesterday Mercury stationed direct, bringing an end to its retrograde passage through Scorpio which began on 21st October. Hopefully we have used this time to clear the air, correct misunderstandings and bring into the light of day those things kept secret for fear of their impact […]

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5th September 2013: New Moon in Virgo

by Sarah 4 September 2013

  In Need or At Peace by Sarah Varcas   Today’s New Moon in Virgo sits at the apex of a Kite formed with Jupiter, Saturn/North Node and Chiron. In this position she reminds us just how insignificant new beginnings can seem in the face of the vast potential which lies at the heart of […]

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18th June: Chiron and Friends

by Sarah 18 June 2013

  Healing in Our Own Way by Sarah Varcas   Today Chiron in Pisces, Mars in Gemini and the North Node in Scorpio join forces until 25th. Chiron leads the way in this one, which is particularly significant as it has only just turned retrograde (see yesterday’s post for info about that). This is an […]

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16th June – 14th November 2013 (GMT): Chiron Retrograde

by Sarah 16 June 2013

  From Healing to Whole by Sarah Varcas   Chiron is widely known to correspond with the notion of the Wounded Healer. In its archetypal energy we meet that part of us which seems forever in pain, and yet which simultaneously enables us to reach out to others in their suffering. Thus Chiron carries rulership […]

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Week Beginning 10th June: Preparing for Chiron to Turn Retrograde

by Sarah 9 June 2013

  Cleansing the Collective by Sarah Varcas   The start of this week sees the heavens dominated by a T Square formed by the Moon, Venus and Mercury in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. It indicates the potential for powerful emotions, so we may want to go easy on ourselves and each […]

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