22nd August 2021: Blue Moon in 30th Degree of Aquarius

by Sarah 20 August 2021

      Frozen Contraction & Expansive Release By Sarah Varcas   If you would prefer to listen to me reading this post, an audio version is available at the bottom of the page. This blue moon completes a period of mental recalibration that began with last month’s full moon). Occurring in the final degree […]

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17th – 22nd June 2015: Grand Trine in Air

by Sarah 15 June 2015

    Testing Our Perspective By Sarah Varcas   This Grand Trine (think of a large equilateral triangle) is formed by Ceres, Mercury and the North Node. Arising in the wake of the New Moon, it provides the opportunity to reflect on new beginnings and how to best take the ‘temperature’ of our environment to […]

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27th May – 4th June 2015: Mercury, Ceres and the North Node form a Grand Trine in Air

by Sarah 25 May 2015

      Take Up the Sword of Truth By Sarah Varcas   This Grand Trine brings relationships into the spotlight once again, and with Mercury still retrograde in Gemini it signals a need for clear communication and a willingness to say what we mean and mean what we say. Which may be a lot easier […]

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