Black Moon Lilith

April – October 2015: Black Moon Lilith in Virgo and Libra

by Sarah 8 April 2015

  Image: “To Free Herself” by Gary Rosenberg   Power in the Raw By Sarah Varcas   Black Moon Lilith is the point on the Moon’s orbit furthest from Earth. She moves forward and then backward spending two or three weeks in each direction, occupying two signs during a period of a few months and […]

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April 2015 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 1 April 2015

      Keeping It Real By Sarah Varcas   This month’s astrology has the feel of Fresher’s Week at university, when arriving students are oriented to their new life. Choices abound and the air is heavy with potential and possibility. Excitement is everywhere, fuelled by a new-found freedom alongside anxiety, homesickness and sometimes a […]

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27th to 30th October 2014: Black Moon Lilith opposes Chiron

by Sarah 22 October 2014

      Imagine That! by Sarah Varcas   Throughout this week we can allow our imaginations free reign in order to find the nuggets of wisdom which most support us on our healing journey. So often constrained by societal mores and social expectations, imagination is frequently relegated to a tiny box opened only in […]

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23rd/24th October 2014: Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Venus and Pallas

by Sarah 21 October 2014

      Traversing Divine Darkness by Sarah Varcas   The Solar Eclipse, flanked by Venus on one side and asteroid Pallas on the other, occurs at 9:45 pm GMT on 23rd October in the 1st degree of Scorpio. This eclipse feels paradoxical, for whilst it signifies a powerful drive inward for answers, forcing us […]

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18th – 25th October 2014: Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter in Leo

by Sarah 15 October 2014

  Image: “Ghost in the Machine” by Gary Rosenberg   Reclaiming Power by Sarah Varcas   In keeping with the current movement of Mercury, turning us inward to recognise the true nature of our own power, Black Moon Lilith aligns with Jupiter to assure us that no matter how ineffective or powerless we may sometimes […]

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August 2014 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 30 July 2014

      Super Moon, Super Month! by Sarah Varcas   The month begins with a Grand Trine in Water formed by Venus, Chiron and Saturn, coupled with a square between Jupiter and Mars. There’s a risk of over-doing things emotionally here. We may enter the month with sensitivities running high and an internal dialogue […]

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Week of 6th January 2014: One Precious Life

by Sarah 7 January 2014

  A Gift Like No Other by Sarah Varcas   This week the asteroid Juno conjuncts Neptune, forming a Grand Trine in Water with the North Node and Black Moon Lilith. Here we see reflected the fragility and transience of human life contrasted with the enduring quality of the Divine. We human-beings all too easily […]

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4th January: Cosmic Messages for 2014

by Sarah 4 January 2014

  Image: ‘Queen of Flow’ by Rassouli   Forever Protected by Sarah Varcas   The heavens today reflect issues of significance throughout the coming year: the presence of both challenge and peace, safety and risk, stagnation and movement – apparently contradictory forces present in the same moment, applying equal pressure upon the fabric of our […]

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23rd to 26th December 2013: Black Moon Lilith here for Christmas!

by Sarah 23 December 2013

  Image: ‘Breath of Dawn’ by Rassouli   Gift of the Black Moon by Sarah Varcas   Black Moon Lilith has come for Christmas! We don’t often hear about her, but she’s been increasingly demanding my attention this year, speaking loud and clear about her role in the year to come and the inner power […]

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13th – 15th December 2013: Deep Wisdom from Deep Space

by Sarah 13 December 2013

    Your Mission for 2014 Is… by Sarah Varcas   A couple of weeks ago we encountered a powerful ‘portal’ to divine wisdom in the form of a conjunction between the Black Sun and Black Moon Lilith, the latter of which was travelling retrograde through Cancer. Questions posed then, to the greater intelligence which […]

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