Asteroid Pallas

5th July 2020: Lunar Eclipse in 14th degree of Capricorn

by Sarah 30 June 2020

      Reclamation of Independence By Sarah Varcas All dates are UT The final of three eclipses, this lunar eclipse in Capricorn begins a process of emotional repatterning in response to events and experiences over the past month. Asteroid Vesta in Cancer opposing this eclipse signifies the importance of emotional intelligence. We may feel […]

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20th January – 18th/19th February 2016: Sun in Aquarius

by Sarah 19 January 2016

    Owning Our Power By Sarah Varcas   The sun’s journey through Aquarius marks a low-point on its travels around the zodiac. Opposing its home sign of Leo, it struggles to shine and may find itself eclipsed by other forces demanding attention. This is an ambivalent Sun, wanting to gleam and yet somehow not […]

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27th to 30th October 2014: Black Moon Lilith opposes Chiron

by Sarah 22 October 2014

      Imagine That! by Sarah Varcas   Throughout this week we can allow our imaginations free reign in order to find the nuggets of wisdom which most support us on our healing journey. So often constrained by societal mores and social expectations, imagination is frequently relegated to a tiny box opened only in […]

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23rd/24th October 2014: Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct Venus and Pallas

by Sarah 21 October 2014

      Traversing Divine Darkness by Sarah Varcas   The Solar Eclipse, flanked by Venus on one side and asteroid Pallas on the other, occurs at 9:45 pm GMT on 23rd October in the 1st degree of Scorpio. This eclipse feels paradoxical, for whilst it signifies a powerful drive inward for answers, forcing us […]

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11th October 2013: Venus revisits the May lunar eclipse degree

by Sarah 11 October 2013

  The Creativity of Change by Sarah Varcas   Today, at around midday GMT, Venus crosses the degree of the lunar eclipse which occurred on the 24th/25th May. At that time I spoke of the need to balance opposites, to overcome polarisation and to recognise where our lives are out of balance. The asteroid Pallas […]

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29th May 2013: Pallas Athene in Gemini

by Sarah 29 May 2013

   Walking The Labyrinth of Communication by Sarah Varcas   Today the asteroid Pallas Athene enters Gemini, where she will remain until 21st July. The passage of the Goddess of Wisdom through the sign of words, connection and communication provides us a wonderful opportunity to share our own perspective of the world with others and […]

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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: 25th May 2013 (4:11 a.m. GMT)

by Sarah 23 May 2013

  Inner Balance Outer Peace by Sarah Varcas   Throughout the course of this eclipse season (18th April to 26th May) the asteroid Pallas Athene (the Goddess of Wisdom and Warrior Queen) has been on my mind. She showed up at the lunar eclipse in April conjunct Venus, was then conjunct the Moon at the […]

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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: 25th/26th April 2013

by Sarah 19 April 2013

  Messages of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 7:58 p.m. 25th April GMT by Sarah Varcas   The first Lunar Eclipse of 2013 occurs on 25th/26th April, so hang onto your hats and hold your horses, because some interesting times are ahead! The impact of a Lunar eclipse is more often felt internally, at the level of […]

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