Age of Aquarius

28th August 2013: North Node and Saturn in Scorpio

by Sarah 28 August 2013

  New Laws For a New Age by Sarah Varcas   With the North Node approaching Saturn in Scorpio, the domain of Pluto, laws are changing all around us, and I don’t mean the ones we’ve made up. These are universal laws, those which govern the unfoldment of our lives and the evolution of the […]

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27th August 2013: Yesterday Changed Everything

by Sarah 27 August 2013

      Untold Grace & Infinite Blessings by Sarah Varcas   Yesterday changed everything, whether we like it or not! For some this change will be an unsurpassable gift never to be replicated. For others a loss of things never to be regained. But whatever is gifted is eternal and whatever is lost was […]

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Week Beginning 15th July 2013: Uranus Retrograde

by Sarah 14 July 2013

  An Inner Voyage for Outer Change by Sarah Varcas   This coming week is one of great significance as the Grand Trine in Water that’s been building for the past month and a half reaches exactitude mid-week (16th/17th) just as Uranus begins a five month retrograde journey back through Aries. I shall be writing […]

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