Age of Aquarius

15th – 28th February 2015: Venus Conjunct Mars

by Sarah 11 February 2015

  Diminished No More By Sarah Varcas   Mars and Venus carry the archetypal energy of male and female, polar opposites which join to create a whole. Frequently encountered through our experience of gender, it has often been observed that women identify more easily with their Venus and men with their Mars. This has led […]

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February 2015 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 2 February 2015

      Wiping the Slate Clean By Sarah Varcas   February looks set to be one of the most powerful months of the year, in which we taste the first flavours of the Saturn/Neptune square set to dominate 2016. If we want to find ourselves ahead of the game at that point, we can use […]

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28th January – Mid March 2015: Saturn Square Neptune

by Sarah 27 January 2015

      Inside Out and Back To Front By Sarah Varcas   Here we encounter the first flavours of the next major aspect to arise after the demise of the Uranus/Pluto square later this year. Whilst this newcomer doesn’t kick in completely until November, in the coming weeks we begin to get a feel […]

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2015 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 23 December 2014

      Show Up, Own Up and Step Up! By Sarah Varcas   2015 is characterised by an energy markedly different to the ‘norm’ of the past three years. The Uranus/Pluto square which began in 2012 comes to a close in 2015, having made its presence unremittingly felt by so many of us. Lives […]

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24th December 2014: Pluto Opposing the Black Sun

by Sarah 23 December 2014

      Illuminated Darkness By Sarah Varcas   Pluto is currently approaching exact opposition to the Black Sun, culminating at the beginning of January. They have been engaged in just this cosmic dance all year and will continue to be throughout 2015. However, this current opposition is of particular significance, occurring a few weeks […]

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23rd/24th September 2014: New Moon in Libra

by Sarah 18 September 2014

       New Light for the Path Ahead by Sarah Varcas   The Moon is new in the 2nd degree of Libra at 6:15 am GMT on 24th September. The Sabian Symbol for this degree reflects the presence of a new energetic frequency, a resonance not previously experienced. Combined with the power of a […]

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20th – 22nd August 2014: Simply Truth

by Sarah 14 August 2014

   Image: ‘Observation’ by Gary Rosenberg   Truth as Experience by Sarah Varcas   Truth! Ah…. There’s peace in that word. No more lies, no more confusion, no more uncertainty, just truth – pure, crystal clear, undeniable truth. As this week comes to an end the word truth is painted across the heavens like a […]

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August 2014 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 30 July 2014

      Super Moon, Super Month! by Sarah Varcas   The month begins with a Grand Trine in Water formed by Venus, Chiron and Saturn, coupled with a square between Jupiter and Mars. There’s a risk of over-doing things emotionally here. We may enter the month with sensitivities running high and an internal dialogue […]

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22nd July 2014: Uranus Retrograde and the Full Super Moon in August

by Sarah 22 July 2014

   Image: ‘The Summons’ by Rassouli   In Preparation by Sarah Varcas   Just a heads up: Uranus stationed retrograde in the past few hours. It’s gotten a bit lost in the jubilation over Saturn stationing direct the day before, but it’s extremely important and we need to take note!! Not least because next month […]

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6th to 8th July 2014: Cosmic Diamond

by Sarah 6 July 2014

  Image: ‘Flame Flower’ by Gary Rosenberg    Diamonds Are Forever by Sarah Varcas   This week begins with a diamond in the heavens. It’s a rare occurrence and one that’s easy to miss, but it speaks clearly of potential which can be realised through enduring pressure and allowing it to change us into something […]

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