Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio: 18th February to 8th July 2013

by Sarah on 15/02/2013


Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio: 18th February to 8th July 2013

No More Secrets!!


Sarah Varcas


Saturn stations retrograde in Scorpio at 3:08 p.m. GMT on 18th February 2013, and remains thus until the beginning of July. This first retrograde passage since its entry into Scorpio (October 2012) brings us an opportunity to review how we’re doing since this earthy and demanding planet entered the domain of alchemical change, destruction and resurrection.

When Saturn travels through Scorpio, issues of sex and intimacy, truth and deceit, destruction and rebirth, become subject to its influence. And the influence of Saturn is not to be taken lightly! Not known as ‘Lord of Karma’ for nothing (!), Saturn ensures we all meet face to face the consequences of who we are and how we live, thereby remaining motivated to conduct ourselves in the best and most positive ways possible. Whilst Saturn has a poor reputation in many circles, seen as a bad omen if not some kind of curse, in truth it acts like the heavenly equivalent of an umpire or referee, ensuring that the game of life is played fairly and with due consideration of the other players, the rules of the game and the dignity of life (the sport) itself. If you train hard, play the game well and accept the rap when you’ve broken the rules, Saturn will be forever your friend, ensuring that the reward of wisdom, insight and maturity is yours.

Of course, the problem is we don’t always live our lives with such integrity. The human condition seems to readily lend itself not only to the deception of others but also of oneself, and when we can’t even trust what we tell ourselves, what can we trust?! So much of life is built upon lies, be they big or small, intended or sub-conscious, easy to spot or woven within layers of half truths and facts (you know what they say.. the safest place for a lie is between two truths…). The currency of truth is one often neglected and under-valued, even ridiculed at times. Why be honest when untruths can secure your required outcome so much quicker and with far less pain?!

Because Saturn’s in the neighbourhood, that’s why! And when Saturn’s in the neighbourhood we should all sit up and take note. Scorpio is the realm of secrets, and many secrets are integral to the maintenance of those bits of our lives that aren’t as wholly straight-forward as we would have them appear. With Saturn now preparing to travel back through these realms for while, it’ll be rooting them out, digging them up and asking us to explain ourselves and the decisions we’ve made, the behaviours we’ve adopted, the smoke-screens we’ve maintained to put others, and ourselves, off the scent. It may feel like punishment, but in fact Saturn acts always with compassion, but it’s a tough love, and one that holds us accountable precisely because it knows that we CAN take it. We CAN be more than we are, than we thought we could be. We CAN be ourselves, in all our glory and all our imperfection, and still make the world a better place for it.

So now’s the time to ask ourselves: what secrets are we keeping and why? The answers may come loud and clear, or they may take a while to surface. They may be obvious, or we may surprise even ourselves to discover what we’re keeping in the shadows. Whatever the answers we receive, now is the time to take note of them and remember that life lived in the shadows of shame and fear is a life lived only in part, and Saturn wants more than anything for us to live a whole and robust life, which can incorporate all that we are, all that others are, and not be diminished by the truth, for only that which we try to hide can truly diminish us. And only the truth will set us free. So says Saturn…..

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