New Moon in Aries: 10th April 2013

by Sarah on 05/04/2013

New Moon in Aries: 10th April 2013


Sarah Varcas


This powerful and fiery New Moon occurs at 9:36 a.m. GMT. Aligned with both Venus and Mars, it speaks of the balance, inspiration, insight and faith necessary for new beginnings to produce successful results. It’s not enough just to leap off a cliff blindly when we feel inspired to act, without having at least some notion of how to stay in the air. Likewise we no longer have the luxury of waiting until conditions are exactly right before we take action and catch the edge of the wave. That’s why we need balance: the concerted effort of Mars and the patience of Venus, the ability to do what we must and then sit back and wait when we need to, enjoying the moment of creation as it unfolds all around us.

This New Moon reminds us that destiny is not pre-determined, awaiting our discovery, but something that we create with each decision, each action or moment of inaction, in our lives. We have a choice of paths. Whilst some may never be available to us, many more are, and where we find ourselves now is always a stop-off point on the journey that we, ourselves, have mapped out, consciously or otherwise. As we encounter this final New Moon before an eclipse season begins on 18th April, the cosmos is reminding us that whatever’s bubbling up in our hearts and minds at this time is part of a broader tapestry which is yet to reveal its intricacies to us. We see only our bit, our corner of the fabric, and we may at times despair over how it looks and the lack of skill and care with which it seems to have been woven. But nonetheless it is our corner and we continue to be responsible for its appearance!

This New Moon encourages us to take note of all that is arising in our hearts and minds, because each thought and feeling, every impulse, intuition and moment of insight is a sign-post on our path, indicating the choices we need to make, the roads available to us and the options that no longer apply. We are being shown the terrain of our future, but its shape and texture is ours to design. We humans often struggle to understand how the enormity of the whole can be reflected in the minutiae of our lives, or how our little lives can play their part in the unfolding of this immense universe. But right now the heavens tell us we don’t need to understand everything. Understanding is over-rated! Far better to take part, follow the signposts to the best of our ability and see what happens, learn through experience and come to a deeper knowing which exists beyond words, about what’s really happening on planet earth.

Despite the individualistic energy of a New Moon in Aries, this one reminds us that just as the component parts of the heavens need each other to maintain their own order and pattern, so we need each other to maintain ours. Each of us contributes with every breath to the resonance of this planet and the collective presence of the human race upon it. If we fail to recognise this fact we run the risk of over-looking our power and misunderstanding the causes of the conditions in our lives. This Moon points to those causes and gives them our name, in the hope that we will recognise who we really are and resolve to act accordingly!

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Thank you, as always, for taking the time out to read my thoughts. Enjoy the New Moon!

 Sarah Varcas

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