Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: 25th May 2013 (4:11 a.m. GMT)

by Sarah on 23/05/2013


Inner Balance Outer Peace


Sarah Varcas

Throughout the course of this eclipse season (18th April to 26th May) the asteroid Pallas Athene (the Goddess of Wisdom and Warrior Queen) has been on my mind. She showed up at the lunar eclipse in April conjunct Venus, was then conjunct the Moon at the solar eclipse on 10th May, and now she’s conjunct Mars at this final lunar eclipse. Furthermore, this one occurs in the 5th degree of Sagittarius for which the Sabian Symbol is an owl in a tree, one of her ancient symbols, again highlighting her influence in recent cosmic events.

In the presence of Pallas Athene we encounter both the power of the feminine and the sacrifice of it to secure power. She speaks of the betrayal of feminine cycles and wisdom, knowledge and gifts, in favour of a world in which intuition is mocked, ‘fact’ is king and the paradoxes of life are cast to the edge of consciousness and beyond in favour of false certainty and sterile hope. When Pallas speaks she reminds us that all things arise in the face of their opposites. Without light we would have no shadow, without cold we would not know heat, and without the feminine we would not recognise where the masculine is out of balance and in need of redress.

This is not about gender, although inevitably we see it played out at that level everywhere. We automatically identify with our gender and experience life through its senses. As such it can be our doorway in to a deeper contemplation of the energies living at the heart of the universe. Right now, and in the coming months, Pallas Athene calls to us to do just this: to go within, sense where we resonate on the continuum of gender and then allow ourselves to be guided from that point into a deeper contemplation of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine at the heart of the universe. She reaches out to all of us, inviting deeper truths to arise within, deeper than we have allowed before: truths about our own relationship with these primal forces that shape the cosmos, ourselves and our lives.

At the time of this eclipse she calls upon Mars as her ally: the most masculine of planets, the God of War. His very symbol has become indicative of maleness, and yet here he is teamed up with Pallas as she seeks to challenge everything we thought we knew about the creative forces in the cosmos, guiding us towards a more enlightened understanding. In Sagittarius, this eclipse brings an experience of something fresh and new. It brings hope that relights dying flames and rejuvenates weary hearts. It places everything that we are into the crucible of change, allowing it to be reborn into a new life, a new way of being, a new understanding of what’s called for on this beautiful and vibrant planet of ours.

Forming a T Square to Neptune, this eclipse encourages dissolution of all identification for a while. We are no longer me and you, man and woman, black and white. Now we are One and that is all. Now the whole world can exist in this one point of space, each in our entirety and each as part of another. This eclipse provides us the opportunity to experience our connectedness more powerfully than ever before, enabling us to reclaim as our own the creative forces that flood our universe. Thus we can work with them in our lives, our communities and our world, in ever more powerful and magical ways. And as the voice of Pallas Athene reverberates through time and space, she urges us to find a living and vibrant balance within our own minds and hearts of intellect and intuition: of the part of us that can understand something and the part of us that just knows. Both are equally central to a vibrant and creative life, but the former has been lauded whilst the latter dismissed and ridiculed. Balance must be re-established now, for until the forsaken aspects of the feminine are returned to the fold of acceptance and appreciation we will all be impoverished. And until the revered power of the masculine is used to protect and enhance life, not control and/or eradicate it, we are all under threat.

At this eclipse time the cosmos speaks loud and clear: we are all a part of this. We have created this world and it is up to us to change it. We must all do our part and make our mark, owning the power within us both feminine and masculine, committing to use it all for the highest and most positive good.

Thus Pallas Athene’s eclipse season comes to an end with a mantra echoing throughout the cosmos. If we stop and listen we’ll surely hear it: ‘Inner Balance, Outer Peace’.

Love & Blessings,

Sarah Varcas

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