Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: 25th/26th April 2013

by Sarah on 19/04/2013


Messages of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 7:58 p.m. 25th April GMT


Sarah Varcas

The first Lunar Eclipse of 2013 occurs on 25th/26th April, so hang onto your hats and hold your horses, because some interesting times are ahead! The impact of a Lunar eclipse is more often felt internally, at the level of feelings and emotions, in our soul and spirit. Its shifts can be huge if we allow them to unfold as they must, but they are largely on an inner level. Of course, once the inner changes, the outer is rarely far behind, but for now let’s look at the internal world of this Lunar Eclipse….

In the sign of Scorpio and conjunct Saturn, here we see deep emotional lessons at hand for us. We may find our emotions stirred up in ways that throw us off track for a while. And with Mars in Taurus taking a significant role at the time of this eclipse, those feelings may be powerful and tenacious. We may even find that our usual coping mechanisms or emotional management techniques no longer work, leaving us little choice but to face and feel what may appear to be the general detritus of our unconscious.

At such times it’s easy to feel defeated or discouraged, but this eclipse is best seen as an inner purging, clearing out the dusty corners and rotting matter of our minds and hearts, making them ready to receive something altogether more beautiful and life-affirming in due course. After all, the compost heap may not be the most eye-catching part of a garden, but its input most certainly makes the other parts beautiful and vibrant! At the time of this eclipse we may find ourselves looking at the compost heap with our back to the garden, wondering where on earth all our commitment to our personal and spiritual development has really gotten us if we can still feel this way after all this time and hard work!

But this is a phase we’re in, a process. This is the first eclipse of three (two more next month), and if we want the other two to do their thing with us, we need to comply with the demands and challenges of this one. And the heavens offer a very significant helping hand with this compliance in the form of the Asteroid Pallas teamed up with Venus: Here’s the Warrior Queen hand in hand with the Goddess of Love in the earthy and tenacious sign of Taurus. In this friendship we see natural remedies of the land applied to heal our inner and outer wounds. We see powerful healing energies flowing through the earth with which we can connect deeply now. And in forming a Grand Sextile with Pluto and Chiron, these two goddesses team up with the most profoundly transformational and healing powers in the cosmos to come to our aid.

So, yes, this is a purging, but it is most definitely a healing purge, a cleansing of mind, body and soul, preparing us for the new energies to be brought forth at the Solar Eclipse on 9th/10th May. However we experience this time, and of course our personal experience will be uniquely ours no matter what the overall picture may be, we can rest assured that none of this is pointless or without meaning. The challenge is to find the meaning, or to live without knowing it and still have the faith to carry on. It is to find the key to our own healing, or to continue without it knowing that when the time is right it will make itself known to us. It is to look our own darkness and pain fully in the face, perhaps for the very first time, and to know that however dark it may be in the there, the tiny stars still break through the night sky to light our way and without the darkness around them we could never appreciate their beauty.

And so it is with us. This lunar eclipse may well bring our shadows into consciousness, but in doing so it reminds us that no shadow can be cast without a light shining close by. This week we can find that light amidst the shadows, and know that it will guide us onward if we will but follow.

With love to everyone in this important and powerful week. And do join me on Facebook if you want more daily updates about the movements of the planets and their messages for us. I’d love to see you there and get to know you better!

Sarah Varcas

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