Jupiter completes its journey through Gemini: 30th January 2013 to 26th June 2013

by Sarah on 25/01/2013



 Jupiter turns direct on 30th January 2013


It’s time to be out of our minds!


Sarah Varcas

On 30th January Jupiter turns direct, having spent the past four months providing us an opportunity to get to know our minds better and review how much power we allow them to hold in our lives. During this time we’ve lived through a moment in the history of humankind long awaited and much speculated about: the Solstice on December 21st 2012, the end date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. At this time Jupiter was highly influential in the heavens, encouraging us to commit ourselves to the future with a heart that recognises the wisdom of the past and acknowledges our role and responsibilities in the creation of what comes next.

In the few weeks since then we’ve been in a period of adjustment, and a fairly intense one at that. Many people have found it more challenging than they anticipated, and the challenges continue on. But as Jupiter turns direct this week we receive a cosmic pat on the back and some words of encouragement: we’re now ready to collectively assign the mind its rightful place in the order of the universe….not in the driving seat, pushing us forward with its constant commentary of fear and favour, right and wrong, but in the tool kit, as one of the many faculties we have at our disposal to use when necessary, and to leave well alone when not!

Whilst Jupiter isn’t hugely comfortable in Gemini and will be glad to escape into Cancer come the end of June, its lengthy journey through the sign of the twins has given us an opportunity to encounter the dualistic nature of the mind and decide just how useful is its role in our lives. In the coming five months, as Jupiter completes this journey, we’re encouraged to relinquish our need to know and understand, to take a position and stick to it, identifying with our thoughts and opinions as the be-all and end-of all our identity, and to embrace the unknown, the state of not-knowing, even the experience of confusion, over and above certainty and clarity.

As human beings we tend to be fairly uncomfortable with the unknown, preferring to invest our energy in an imagined future, even if it’s one we don’t particularly fancy the sound of! How much time do we spend fearing what could happen and how life could look if so and so occurred… what then?! But the ultimate truth is we don’t know, from one minute to the next, if we’ll even be alive for ‘what then’! We don’t know if this is our final day on planet earth. So whilst we fritter away our energy fearing the future, we may be missing out on the beauty of our present with all its blessings and bounty. Or perhaps for us the future is the promised reward for the hard work of the present, for the sufferings of this moment, making them worthwhile in the greater context of cause and effect.

But still it’s all just thought and we don’t really know, we can only ever speculate. And it’s just such speculation of which Jupiter wants us to become increasingly conscious in the coming months. How much time do we spend projecting our attention into the future, for good or ill, whilst the present moment melts away without so much as a passing glance from us? How much of our energy is bound up in the fantasy world of what could be? How deeply do we believe our minds? And how much truth do they really tell us? These are the questions Jupiter poses now as it turns direct once more.

Thought is, indeed, a powerful force on this planet. It can create and destroy, affirm and deny, liberate and imprison. But if we really care about the future as much as our minds would have us believe, then we  need to relinquish it and acknowledge the present for what it is, because it’s only in the present that we can act and truly impact the world around us. We can’t do that in some nebulous fantasy moment that we’ve not yet encountered, called ‘the future’. So yes, whilst the heavens remind us that we create the future, they also remind us that we do this through the quality of consciousness we bring to our present, and it’s here we need to focus in order for our life to be the vibrant and creative force that it can be in our world.

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