Full Moon in Libra, 27th March 2013

by Sarah on 22/03/2013


Full Moon in Libra, 27th March 2013


Sarah Varcas


Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, aligns with the Sun in Aries for this Full Moon (9:28 a.m. GMT), reminding us that the pursuit of comfort and pleasure is an integral part of being human, and one that we need to manage carefully and consciously in order for it to be both personally life-affirming and in service of a greater whole. It’s a balance that can be hard to strike at times. Our own comfort and ease is such an intimate experience for us it can be almost impossible to gain any objectivity about it. All creatures move away from pain and towards pleasure. It’s what we do and is a habit grounded in our basic survival instinct. When the instinct is to find shelter from the elements and food to keep us alive that’s all well and good. But in this day and age when our lives are so much geared towards the accumulation of yet more and more comforts and pleasures, be they possessions, lifestyles or status, the functioning of our societies finds itself more and more ‘on the edge’ as we struggle to ‘keep up’ with the images of success held before our noses like carrots, by the materialist forces that govern the world in which we live.

To be comfortable these days, we’re told, we need not just shelter, community and the love and protection of those around us. We now need a bigger house, a faster car, more money in the bank, a more successful business, status in the eyes of the world. We need to be recognised in some way, and able to demonstrate our worth and value in the material world. We need to have value that can be translated into financial speak. If you can’t put a price on it, it’s not worth a dime…

But the material world is notoriously unreliable… ask anyone who’s gone bankrupt, lost their home, had to let the bailiffs in, found themselves in the midst of a natural disaster or living in a war zone… the list is endless, of the circumstances against which the material world and all its standards and value judgements is largely powerless. And none of us are immune from the vagaries of life. They’re all part of its rich tapestry, and ‘I never thought it could happen to me’ is no guard against them! It can be tempting to view this message as one of doom and despair, but in fact it’s far from it, because once we recognise what truly matters, life becomes so much simpler, and the constant desire for more can gradually abate as we recognise the value of what we already have: life on this stunning planet in this amazing cosmos which even now is revealing deeper and deeper mysteries to us each day.

So this Full Moon in Libra reminds us that our relationships with others and the world around us are not just about our own needs, but how we define and meet our own needs is integral to their success. The gathering of the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries is a potent indicator of self-interest and creative innovation, but the Moon reminds us that no one is an island, and no matter how independent and self-supporting we may be, our lives are intricately entwined with those of everyone else, and the energy with which we live our life ripples out into the collective pool which sustains, or not, our group consciousness. Yes, we may work hard for our material wealth, but we must never forget there are others working equally hard for a few meagre scraps of food each day. Yes, we may ‘deserve’ all that we have accumulated in our life, but remember there are others equally deserving who have nothing and no one.

This Full Moon speaks some uncomfortable truths, but it also holds a positive message of hope and change. Because the more that we can remember our place in the entirety of this universe, our insignificance in the face of an infinite universe the likes of which our tiny minds cannot even comprehend, the better able we’ll be to regulate our desires and recognise when our personal wants are becoming an obstacle to our gratitude for the blessings with which we’re already endowed.

This week we all have the opportunity to question our needs and desires a bit more deeply. To ask ourselves why we want what we want, and how that desire really took root within us in the first place. And in contemplating these questions we can begin to encounter the deeper and more enduring comfort that arises out of knowing we can pull together to meet our basic needs, to create workable communities that protect and support all their members, regardless of material status. Because there’s quite enough of everything to go around, if we all receive only what we need and pass on the excess to others.

It’s a complex world we’ve created, way more complex than it needs to be! And with three eclipses and the next Uranus/Pluto square occurring in the next two months, we would be wise to consider ways we can simplify our corner of it, before the universe does it for us!

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Thank you, as always, for taking the time out to read my thoughts. Enjoy the beauty of the Full Moon!

Sarah Varcas

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