Feedback from Meg Menkedick – Astrology Course Student

One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself was taking the Introduction to Astrological Interpretation course by Sarah Varcas. The course was so much more than some reading and assignments–it was a spiritual journey. Learning about the different parts and pieces of a natal chart in general, and then applying that learning to my own chart was life changing. I was able to see how the natal chart is a blueprint for my life–full of tendencies and potentials, gifts and challenges. Working out the various meanings step by step showed me just how much choice I actually have when it comes to how I deal with everything life puts in front of me. I’ve had my chart read by astrologers before, but nothing compares to learning how to read your own chart for yourself. It reminds me of the saying, “give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” My perspective on life is forever changed for the better from taking this course.

Astrology can be daunting in the sheer volume of information and interpretations available. Sarah does an amazing job of organizing the course into manageable sections that fit together into a whole picture by the end. Each unit is another layer, building on the previous information. It boosted my confidence to be able to take this on one bite at a time. Simultaneously, she shows how to step back and look at larger patterns to get an intuitive feel for the energies inherent in a chart, so that I didn’t get bogged down in details. Like other spiritual pursuits, I found that just by engaging with the questions posed in each unit the dynamic in question would show up in my life and give me the answer, so to speak. It was a living, breathing process. Sometimes it was hard work, but the insight gained was invaluable and Sarah was always there with encouragement and clarification. She is a generous teacher who points out mistakes when needed and freely offers praise for work well done.

I found Sarah Varcas via, a website that compiles writing from different astrologers. Her perspective on current astrological events stood out for me not only because she is a talented writer and knows her subject well, but because her understanding of astrology is infused with a spirituality that spoke directly to me. Sarah always uses astrological information in service to a wider spiritual awakening, on both the personal and collective levels. I love the way she words things. She has a way of both inspiring excitement and wonder, and also revealing our own responsibility for managing the energies we encounter in ourselves and in the world. She brings a mix of encouragement and optimism along with a realization of the day-to-day realities we all face. Hers is an approach that translates the spirituality inherent in the mundane. It is profoundly helpful. Taking her course was an extended contact with her unique sensibility.

If you are looking to engage more deeply with astrology as a means of understanding yourself and others and the world we inhabit, I highly recommend the Introduction to Astrological Interpretation course by Sarah Varcas.

Meg Menkedick, Ohio, USA