August 2015 – February 2016: Chiron and Uranus On-going Alignment

by Sarah on 13/10/2015


  Sun in Libra, Chiron in Pisces, Uranus in Aries, personal healing, planetary healing, conscious evolution, divine timing, patience, compassion, self-acceptance, faith


In Healing’s Own time


Sarah Varcas

Chiron and Uranus are currently immersed in a healing relationship which facilitates the release of long standing emotions, worries, fears and grievances. Early life wounds are specifically highlighted now. Their deep cut inflicted when we are most vulnerable, our sense of self grows around them, shaped by their design. Identity forms and imperceptibly we become the wounded self not the whole and vibrant one, sacrificing a relationship with our core essence for one with a psychic injury that denies us the freedom of expression and self-love so vital to authenticity.

In the midst of our awakening, such wounds are triggered with great regularity and countless individuals must turn towards their pain allowing in, perhaps for the first time, the light of healing grace. This process is deeply transformative and on a collective level unleashes both heightened energy and intense struggle. We awaken not only to our essential connectedness with all life but also to the ways we sever that connection through layer upon layer of defensive protection built around our heart. Perceiving such self-inflicted emotional and psychic violence can be shocking at first, but the clarity of recognition is the first step to breaking the cycle and choosing a new way to know and love ourselves.

In many people those defences are now crumbling. The seductive pull of the new cannot be resisted, nor can the expansion of a liberated heart free of old anchors and snares. The transition, however, may not be the smooth and joyous affair we anticipate! At least, not at first. Losing the walls that have kept us safe – the cold comfort zone we know so well – is a double edged sword, for freedom can feel like threat and the chance to be reborn can intimidate and overwhelm. We may be compelled to retreat into old patterns even as we profess the desire for new ones. Bemused by our resistance to change we feel downhearted and confused, unable to fathom quite why we are so intransigent in the face of transformation long overdue.

If this sounds like you, worry not! All is as it should be, no matter how it appears on the surface. We let go in fits and starts, one day free the next constrained; one day at peace the next on choppy emotional seas. This is the way of change and growth. We don’t have to break free in the blink of an eye. We undergo the process in layers, as feelings arise, memories return and patterns follow their nature to an eventual demise. Sometimes transformation comes as a lightning strike, never allowing the old to return; at others it comes as the tide washing ashore, reshaping the lay of the land pebble by pebble, bit by bit. However we’re changing right now is exactly how we’re meant to, and any thought that says something’s not right, we should be ‘further on’ – knowing deeper peace or greater joy – serves only to mislead.

Healing energies are flooding this planet. They enter our cells, filling inner space once occupied by the past. They whisper the future into our present and promise hope where once it was lost, but it happens in their time, not ours. Drop by drop the new replaces the old and we are born again into wholeness. Right now the heavens reassure us that healing is all around, within and without. We only have to breathe it in and let it do its work. Patience is needed and a willingness to feel what must be felt. But there’s no need to force the cosmic timetable or push for premature change. Early wounds run hard and deep, above all requiring our gentle love and compassionate patience. All things are let go when the time is right. As Chiron and Uranus heal what once seemed beyond repair we emerge into wholeness when our moment arrives, fuelled by a vibrantly beating heart, not a wounded and broken one.

Sarah Varcas

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