Cardinal Grand Cross April 23rd/24th 2014

by Sarah on 21/04/2014


Here’s the Cardinal Grand Cross for those who appreciate a visual representation. It is very powerful this week as it reaches exactitude. It is formed by Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Basically, Mars has added an extra corner onto the Uranus / Pluto / Jupiter T Square that has been around, on and off, these past few months.

A Grand Cross is a rare astrological event and augurs a time of incredible energy and potential. It is both destructive and creative: it destroys to clear a path for the new to be born. A Grand Cross always corresponds to a specific astrological quality and this is a Cardinal Cross, meaning that its energy is that of new beginnings. It is here not to preserve what exists or to bridge the gap between the present and the future. No, it is here to manifest the future right now, leaving nothing of the old in its wake.

At times it can be a brutal energy which we experience as a lightening strike in our lives setting fire to everything that we held dear. There is violence in this configuration, but it is the violence of birth, the battle for life, the pains that augur a whole new beginning. The destructive quality of this cross is not destruction for suffering’s sake but for liberation’s. The more we can trust this to be true the better able we will be to stand firm in the face of its mighty power and allow it to act within our lives as it must.

The Cardinal Cross is with us throughout this week and we can all call upon its power to remove the obstacles in our path. It may be best not to be too specific about what those obstacles are though, because the Cross may have its own notion of what needs to be loosed in our lives and, to be honest, it knows better than we do, no matter what we might think at the time!

I’ll be writing more about the Cross tomorrow so look out for my post then. In the meantime, here’s to a powerful week ahead!

Sarah Varcas

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